DPW Street sweeping update

DPW staff will began sweeping of all paved Town roads the week of April 20, 2020. Street sweeping is a key component of the Town Stormwater Management Program and helps to clean-up the Town overall. Staff typically start with Maple Avenue, and then work in a counterclockwise pattern around town. There are some five working areas;

DPW will post the next area to be swept on Facebook and the Town website a few days in advance of the work. DPW departs the Town roads to sweep school lots during school vacation week in April. The Town has one street sweeper that has been well maintained for many years, should there be an equipment breakdown that leads to a schedule change we will update residents in a manor similar to the sweeping schedule notifications. We have lost several days due to the pandemic and weather.

The current schedule calls for the sweeping of all paved Town Roads annually, we do this in the spring. Typically after the initial sweeping there are some lingering complaints which we return to sweep and the numbered routes in Town control; 56 and 68, may get swept a second time. Mass DOT sweeps 122 and 122A (Main Street), if a schedule becomes available, we will pass on that information also.

We are sweeping to collect left over de-icing material; road sand and trash. It is ok for residents to sweep sand from the grass covered areas that abut streets, road sand can end up there. Other materials such as leaves, brush and general yard spring clean-up materials should not be placed in the road to be swept. General yard spring clean-up materials can be dropped off at DPW (17 Pommogussett Road) during normal business hours. Also, DPW typically opens up on a weekend for yard waste drop off for Rutland residents a couple consecutive weekends in the Spring, please look at face book and the Town websites for such announcements.  

Again, Please be advised this operation is very weather and staff availability dependent. Spring snow-storms or several consecutive days with rain can lead to delays.