One-Day Liquor License

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 138, the Select Board may issue one-day liquor licenses as the Local Licensing Authority (LLA). The LLA may issue special licenses for the sale of wines and/or malt beverages to any enterprise, however, special licenses for the sale of all alcoholic beverages may be issued to non-profit organizations only. The license is to be utilized for a single day.

The Local Licensing Authority cannot grant special licenses to:

  • Any person for more than a total of 30 days per calendar year;
  • Any person that has an on premises license application pending before it;
  • Any premises that has an alcoholic beverages license;

Special licensees CANNOT purchase alcoholic beverages from a package store. 

Alcoholic beverages can be purchased from the authorized sources found at the link below:

Authorized Sources  

Fee Schedule

Please Note: Any event taking place on town property will require a Certificate of Insurance showing the Town of Rutland listed as additional insured.

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One-Day Liquor License Application

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