Rules for Rutland Local Access

Charter provides a facility to air programs for Rutland Local Access channel (191) to meet the program needs of the community. The following rules are guidelines for its use.

  1. All proposed cablecasting programs will be considered for carriage on a non-discriminatory basis, provided the program meets acceptable standards of decency, quality and the FCC's Rules and Regulations. The system shall refuse to cablecast any programming which it considers in violation of community standards.
  2. In order to assure fair and reasonable access by the public to the channel space available on the system, it may be necessary to limit the amount of cable time which will be available to any one applicant. The system will limit air time to two hours, except for public meeting broadcasts, per day over a period of thirteen weeks.
  3. Since the system is not allowed to censor programs under FCC regulations and is not responsible for the content, it does reserve these general rights:
    1. The system reserves the right to reject any program not technically compatible with standard cablecasting equipment that makes it unsuitable for viewing on a subscribers set.
    2. The system will not assume any responsibility for answering any complaints that may be received from the general public about the quality or content of a program from the public. Those presenting programs over the cable system will be expected to assume full and complete responsibility for responding to any complaints about their program.
    3. The system will not be responsible for the delivery or the return of any material. All applicants will be expected to make their own arrangements to deliver their material to the systems offices and to pick up their material after the same has been presented over the cable system. Any programs not picked up within 60 days will be considered abandoned.
    4. The system will not be responsible for the loss, destruction, theft or damage to such materials where such loss, destruction, theft or damage is due to acts of nature or to causes beyond the systems control. Applicants should consider keeping a copy of materials they submit.
  4. All material submitted to the system for presentation must be accompanied by a written description of the nature of the material for which carriage is requested on the Request for Cablecast form These forms are maintained in compliance with FCC regulations.