Section X. Forms

All forms mentioned in this text may be obtained in the Planning Board office. (following pages)

Index to Forms

  • Form A Application for Endorsement of Plan Believed Not to Require Approval (ANR)
  • Form A-1 Planning Board Notice to Town Clerk that Subdivision Approval is Required
  • Form B Application for Approval of a Preliminary Plan
  • Form C Application for Definitive Subdivision Plan Approval
  • Form D Covenant
  • Form E Designer's Certificate
  • Form F Certificate of Action
  • Form G Performance Secured by Deposit of Money
  • Form G-1 Performance Secured by Surety Company
  • Form H Release of Lots (Provision of Surety)
  • Form H-1 Release of Lots (Certificate of Completion)
  • Form I Certificate of Completion
  • Form J Abutters List
  • Form K Proposed Street Name(s)
  • Form L Development Schedule Covenant
  • Form M1 Plan Review Report
  • Form M2 Referral
  • Form N Certificate of Rescission
  • Form O Inspections