Official Names for Streets

1. Upon adoption of this by-law, a Committee shall be named to hold one or more public hearings and to prepare a list of all streets in Town found by it with a suggestion of names for each of said streets. The report of this Committee shall be submitted to a Town Meeting.

2. The acceptance of the report of said Committee shall establish as the official name for each street the name as recommended by the Committee, except so far as the names appearing in the report, shall be changed by vote of the Town prior to acceptance of the report, provided that the Select Board shall approve the name so established for each public way and the Planning Board shall approve the name so established for each way which is open for public use but has not become a public way. A copy of the report of the Committee together with a copy of any votes of the town and a certificate of the approvals of the Select Board and Planning Board, attested by the Town Clerk, shall be recorded in the registry of Deeds.

3. The official names for all private streets not included in the report of said Committee, and of all new streets, shall be approved and established by vote of the Planning Board and shall be included in the annual report of the Planning Board. A copy of each vote, or of each plan approved by the Planning Board showing any new streets shall be recorded in the Registry of Deeds.

4. Except as provided in sections 3 and 3B of Chapter 85 of the General Laws, the name for a street established, approved, and recorded as above provided shall not be changed except by vote of the Town upon recommendation of the Planning Board and, if the street is a public way, upon recommendation of the Select Board; and, if the change is not so recommended by a two-thirds vote of the town Meeting. The Town Clerk shall cause to be recorded in the Registry of Deeds a copy of any such vote changing the official name of a street, and the change shall become effective when so recorded.