Do Not Solicit List

The Town of Rutland voted to add a "Door to Door Solicitation and Canvassing By-law" to the General By-laws in 2015. Section Nine of the by-law requires that the Town Clerk maintain a "Do not Solicit List" for any residents who choose to have their property address included on the list. The full text of the by-law, with information on who must apply for a license to solicit in Rutland and exceptions to the by-law, may be found at Door to Door Solicitation and Canvassing.

A request to have one's property added to the list must be received in writing, either via mail or email. Town Census information will be used to verify the name and property address.

Mail requests should be sent to: the Office of the Town Clerk, 250 Main Street, Rutland, MA 01543. All requests must include an email address or a self-addressed stamped return envelope. A confirmation will be sent once the address has been added to the list. The Town Clerk Drop Box located in front of the Community Hall may also be used.

Email requests should be sent to the following address Email Records. A return email will be sent acknowledging receipt of the request.
Please allow five working days for your address to be added to the list. An updated list will be sent to the Police Chief weekly.