Rutland Regional Emergency Communications Center

  1. Michael Moriarty

    Phone: 508-886-4100 Ext. 700

  2. Elizabeth DeFosse

    Deputy Director
    Phone: 508-886-4100 Ext. 701

  3. RRECC

    Physical Address
    242 Main St.
    Rutland, MA 01543

    Emergency Phone: 911


The Rutland Regional Dispatch Center (RRECC) is located in Rutland, Massachusetts. We are a Regional Emergency Communication Center or RECC, which is a center that provides enhanced 911 services, police, fire protection, and emergency medical services. The RECC is the first point of reception of a 911 call.

The RECC is also a Wireless 911 PSAP, which answers approximately 58,000 calls for a population of 24,596.

We provide all these services to the following communities: Barre, Hubbardston, Oakham, Rutland, and Warren.

RRECC Website