Regulations Supplemental to Title 5

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 111, Section 31, the following additions to Title 5 of the State Sanitary Code become effective immediately in the Town of Rutland.

  • Two percolation tests and two deep holes per building lot are required.
  • Additional percolation and deep hole testing may be required at the sole discretion of the approving authority or its agent as conditions warrant. Percolation testing at different elevations of the proposed leaching areas may be required to determine consistencies of soils. Financial costs related to additional testing are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • The minimum leaching area size shall be 600 square feet for systems of a design flow capacity of 330 gallons per day or less. Larger leaching areas are required in accordance with requirements of Title 5 when percolation rates dictate.
  • No garbage grinders are allowed in buildings served by subsurface disposal systems.
  • No expansion/reserve areas are allowed between trenches.
  • Schedule 40 pipe is required for the building sewer line and from the septic tank to the distribution box and in the system when conditions warrant.
  • One hundred ten (110) feet must be maintained between well installation and the leaching area of the septic system.
  • Any septic system abandoned for a period of two years or more requires an inspection prior to use to determine whether or not the system is working properly.

The preceding adopted by the Rutland Board of Health at their regular meeting on September 13, 1999.