Basketball Court & Playing Field Use

Rules and Regulations for the Use of the Rutland Fields and Basketball Court Group use of fields and basketball court is by permit only

Groups and organizations wishing to use Memorial Field, the Community Center field, Naquag or Glenwood Elementary School Fields, Central Tree Middle School Fields, or the basketball court are required to submit a completed application to: Rutland Recreation, 250 Main Street, Rutland, MA 01543 or email at least two weeks in advance of the proposed use. This request should not be considered final until the applicant is notified that it has been approved.

Message from Board of Selectmen, Town of Rutland

Such groups and organizations must police the grounds during the course of and immediately following the conclusion of the event. All litter and trash is to be disposed of properly by the person or group requesting the use. Parking along the road between Naquag and CTMS is not allowed!

-Board of Selectmen, Town of Rutland

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