Planning & Community Development

Town Planner & Community Development Coordinator Role:

The Town Planner & Community Development Coordinator acts as technical staff to the Planning Board by assisting applicants through the application and permitting process, conducting reviews of application materials and the preparation and posting of meeting agendas.  The Town Planner also works with other town staff to ensure that approved projects are constructed in conformance with the town’s Zoning Bylaws and Subdivision Rules and Regulations.

The Town Planner & Community Development Coordinator is also responsible for working on long-range planning initiatives in conjunction with the Planning Board such as Zoning Bylaw amendments and updating and implementation of the Master Plan which may include the preparation of grant applications to various State agencies.  Lastly, the Town Planner supports other town boards and committees, as appropriate, with the amendment of Zoning Bylaws and initiatives that promote economic development and is available to answer any questions or provide information to residents regarding planning initiatives or active construction projects.