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March 20, 2017
Rutland Development and Industrial Commission
Meeting Minutes –3/20/2017
Community Hall Annex
Meeting opened at 6:30AM.  Attending:  Doug Briggs, Mark O’Clair, Michele Van Reet
Guest:  Sheila Dibb, Select Board; Gary Kelleher, DPW Superintendent; Dick Williams
  • Review and approve past minutes.  Minutes for meetings on January 5  and January 12 were available.  Briggs refused to consider reviewing the minutes because he had not seen them in advance of the meeting.
  • Update – Briggs updated on previous meeting topics.
  • Friends of Rutland Fields Proposal.
  • Outstanding legal bills from Attorney Cranston March 2015 – March 2016.
  • Chair Sullivan spoke to Margaret Nartowicz, Town Administrator about presenting possibly 2-3 articles for RDIC at annual town meeting.
  • Roadway will be submitted to planning board get registered as a roadway – Rutland Heights Way.
  • Kurt Leslie submitted a bill for his services (marking the trees for tree cutting).
  • There was a vote at the last meeting to go forward with the tree cutting.  Van Reet questioned why the vote was taken to go forward with the tree cutting without going through the process of the walk through with DCR.  Briggs noted that the meeting for the walk through with DCR was held and that no one showed up.  It was pointed out that there was significant snowfall on the morning of that meeting and DCR cancelled due to a state of emergency.  
  • Van Reet made a motion to modify the tree cutting area to exclude the area used for the CTMS Mountain Biking Club from the tree cutting area.  The motion did not get seconded.
  • O’Clair asked if any other business transpired after he left the last meeting before it was adjourned, as he took the minutes, and what time the meeting adjourned.  
  • Gary Kelleher noted that there was discussion at the Select Board meeting
  • Briggs noted that Margaret Nartowicz has called a meeting with Rutland Rec, the Friends of Rutland Fields, and Gary Kelleher for next Tuesday at 6:30PM.  Van Reet asked if it is about the RDIC.  Briggs stated that it’s mainly to do with the Worcester Chamber of Commerce and how they can get involved with us and help us.  Van Reet asked if our board was invited and Briggs stated that he was invited.  He said it wasn’t a board meeting, but an informational meeting – a roundtable - to get different town groups together in town.  Briggs and Sullivan will attend, but it’s not meant for our entire board to attend and we should not have a quorum in attendance because it wouldn’t be a posted meeting.  Briggs offered Van Reet to go in his place, but to let him know to avoid the conflict of having a quorum attend without posting a meeting even though it’s for informational purposes.
  • Adjourn
  • Next meeting:  TBD
  • Van Reet motioned to adjourn.  O’Clair seconded.  Unanimously adjourned at 7:15AM.

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