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April 28, 2016
Rutland Development and Industrial Commission
Meeting Minutes –4/28/2016
Community Hall Annex

Meeting opened at 6:30AM.  Attending:  Mike Sullivan, Doug Briggs, Tom Dufault, Mark O’Clair, Michele Van Reet
Visitors:  Dick Williams, Margaret Nartowicz (Town Administrator), Gary Kellaher, Ken Dubovick (Rutland Little League Baseball), Sheila Dibb (Select Board)
  • Mountain Bike Trails – Mike Sullivan met with the Select Board and Chris Stark, Central Tree Middle School, regarding permission
  • Tree Cutting - Mike Sullivan and Dick Williams met with a cutter on site and are awaiting estimates.
  • Pare/Roadway Update – Tom Dufault reported that Pare lost all CAD information.  The contact has the proper certification but no files.  It will take about 30 days to take care of this issue.
  • Baseball – Mike Sullivan has concerns:
  • We need to clarify how to proceed with a non-town sanctioned entity
  • Baseball would want to lease the property from the town and maintain it.
  • Mike Sullivan raised concerns about accessibility of the property to all townspeople.  People can use the ball fields when organized sports are not using them, but they are prohibited from using the fields for other sports such as soccer or football.  Mike Sullivan asked about a “lassie league” or other people using the ball fields and that would be an acceptable use of the fields outside of Little League.  
  • Several members agreed that it would be a good use of the property and Michele Van Reet suggested that it would be good for revenue because it would people to local businesses.  
  • Mike Sullivan said we would need a proposal from Rutland Little League and he thinks it should include the town parcel between the Rutland Heights property and the school.  Margaret Nartowicz agreed based on the recent meeting with all interested parties that we would want to tie it in to the town property as much as possible.
  • Ken Dubovick commented that Chris Stark, Central Tree Middle School, is opposed to clear cutting the area.  There was concern about the wetlands issue and how much of the property is technically ‘wetlands’.  Mike Sullivan asked Dick Williams if he could get the wetlands flagged.  Sheila Dibb suggested that Rutland Little League may be able to pay for the survey and flagging of wetlands.  Dick Williams noted that the logger commented that anyone clearing in the woods needs to look up because there are lots of hanging branches in the trees.
  • Dick Williams suggested using the lower part of the property (lot 1) for baseball instead of the top of the hill because the guard house could be used for bathrooms/snack shack, the wetlands issue has already been resolved on that parcel, and there is more parking (grass on both sides).  
  • Tom Dufault suggested that we need to review the use plan for the property based on what Barton found and our charge.  He wants to determine the validity of Barton’s reasons for withdrawing from the property for environmental issues.  Mike Sullivan stated that he has a good handle on the issues but that Barton has told him that EnviroTech wont’ share their studies with third parties.  Tom Dufault reminded us that it is in the RFP that the information would be shared and we need to pursue Barton for the information.  
  • Mike Sullivan stated that we need a plan from Little League that includes the town parcel adjacent to the heights property.  He indicated that he knows that one board member disagrees but asked how others felt about it.  Doug Briggs also disagrees.  We have no control over the town property.  Mike Sullivan is concerned that we are developing the land appropriately and Michele Van Reet wants to ensure that everyone is in agreement with the plans.
  • New Business
  • Gary will look into possible beaver activity.
  • Girl Scouts burn is cleaned up and the property was left in good condition.
  • Gary spoke to the person who hays the property and he they are all set if we need it again.
  • Mike Sullivan mentioned that clear-cutting by Mosio’s property will also open hey fields on lot 1.
  • Doug noticed a lot of wood chips/sawdust and asked Gary what the plan was for removal.  
  • Mike Sullivan has contacted Barton to request the EnviroTech studies and will pursue it.
  • Tom Dufault announced that he is resigning from the board.  He will stay with us as long as necessary to find a replacement.  Mike Sullivan nominated Dick Williams to fill the seat as he has been attending our meetings for five years.  Tom Dufault made a motion to recommend that the Select Board appoint Dick Williams to the RDIC.  Doug Briggs seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.  Sheila Dibb noted that the opening should be posted to the public for volunteers to serve on the commission.
  • Margaret Nartowicz informed us that the town has joined the Wachusett Area Chamber of Commerce and we may have opportunities to work with a commercial broker to develop the property.
  • Adjourn
  • Next meeting:  Thursday, May 19 at 6:00PM at Community Hall Annex.
  • Briggs motioned to adjourn.  Dufault seconded.  Unanimously adjourned at 7:350AM.

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