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March 31, 2016
Rutland Development and Industrial Commission
Meeting Minutes –3/31/2016
Community Hall Annex

Meeting opened at 6:30.  Attending:  Mike Sullivan, Doug Briggs, Mark O’Clair, Michele Van Reet
Visitors:  Dick Williams, Ken Dubovick & John Miller (Rutland Little League Baseball)
  • Review and approve past minutes – none
  • Trails
Limits to liability on town insurance require any volunteer work requires town employee to be present.  We will meet on 4/11/2016 at 6:00PM to discuss the trail issue.
  • Tree Cutting
Cut, stump, replant will cost less than $35,000 and does not require RFP.  Estimates (2-3) are required.  Sullivan will contact Dick Williams for potential contacts to solicit estimates.
  • Roadway
The roadway is not yet registered as a road.  Tom needs to follow up.
  • Baseball
Dubovick & Miller report that they have looked at parking and space and believe there is room for their project.  Sullivan thinks they need to work with the town property first (between RDIC and the schools).  Van Reet disagrees because we do not have jurisdiction over the town property.  The RDIC board requested baseball to stake out the exact layout and we will meet at the property to get a better sense of the layout of the fields.  Sullivan needs to find a map of foundation and will get in touch with Dubovick when he gets it.  Our next meeting will be at the Heights to see the layout of the project.  
  • Town Meeting
Briggs contacted Randy Jordan (Moderator) to ask if the RDIC could give a brief update at the special meeting prior to the town meeting in May.  Mr. Jordan approved and suggested that we advertise that we will be giving an update at this meeting and that we notify the Town Administrator of our plans.
  • RDIC security
Mr. Williams reported that kids have been driving on the grass, up and down steep hills on the Heights property.  He will talk to the police chief to request patrols and will ask Gary Kellaher (DPW) to block off that section of roadway to deter driving in that area.
  • Next meeting:  Thursday, 4/7/2016 at 6:30AM at Rutland Heights Property (top of hill).
  • Van Reet motioned to adjourn.  Briggs seconded.  Unanimously adjourned at 7:25AM.

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