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Novermber 21, 2016
Rutland Development and Industrial Commission
Meeting Minutes –11/21/2016
Community Hall Annex

Meeting opened at 6:36AM.  Attending:  Mike Sullivan, Doug Briggs, Mark O’Clair, Michele Van Reet
Guest:  Sheila Dibb, Select Board;  Gary Kelleher, DPW Superintendent; Margaret Nartowicz, Town Administrator; Christopher Stark, WRSD/Mountain Bike Trails
  • Review and approve past minutes.  
  • Minutes from 9/9/2016 were reviewed.  A motion was made (Briggs) and seconded (O’Clair) to accept the minutes as presented.  Sullivan abstained.  All others approved.
  • Minutes from 9/23/2106 were reviewed.  A motion was made (Briggs) and seconded (O’Clair) to accept the minutes as presented.  Unanimously approved.
  • Roadway
The roadway plan is complete and we have received the invoice from Jarvis.  Sullivan will forward the invoice to Jackie O’Brien for payment.  The plan will be sent to Attorney Paul Cranston to file it.  Mr. Williams also noted that Dufault contacted him to have the plan approved/signed by the Planning Board.  
  • Wetland Classification – Nothing new to report.  Van Reet noted that she sent an email to Stephanie Bacon asking for a condensed version of the environmental report.
  • HPDD water/sewer discussions and action – Letter was sent to the Select Board.  Margaret will attach supporting documentation for the Select Board.
  • Tree cutting
Gary Kelleher sent an email on 11/15/2016:  Kelleher spoke to Kurt Leslie regarding the plan at the Heights.  It is estimated that the town’s take will be $40,000 for timber harvested depending upon the actual dollar value of the thousand board feet for those to be selected and thousand board feet of the spruce to be clear cut.  Out of that $40,000, the town would be responsible for about $5,000 in fees to be paid to Mr. Leslie for the services he will provide.  It is also estimated to cost roughly $20,000 for the 900 feet of arbor vitae plantings, which should be held off on to find an alternative.  If we decide to do the plantings, we would take in about $15,000.  To be understood, the only part of the property to be clear cut is the front five-acre parcel that abuts Mosio’s.  The portion to be selectively cut, for lack of a better term, will be the back 40 of which we will be very much involved in the process.  All work will in no way, shape, or form will destroy or compromise any of the existing trails.  Trails may be crossed for access but will be fully restored if damaged.  Kelleher will arrange a site visit with Sullivan and Mr. Leslie to ensure that everyone is clear about the work to be done.
Concerns were raised about cutting trees prematurely and the question was asked if there was a comprehensive plan.  A motion was made (Briggs) and seconded (Van Reet) to hire Kurt Leslie as the forester for the project.  Gary Kellaer and Dick Williams will contact him.
  • Old/New Business –
  • Gary Kelleher will clean up the dam and fix it in the spring.
  • A motion was made (Sullivan) and seconded (Briggs) that we will only contact Attorney Cranston if Margaret Nartowicz, Town Administrator agrees that we need to seek counsel.
  • Sullivan presented a bill for $2,276.64  from Dick Williams for damage to tires on his equipment from working at the Heights property.  A motion was made (Briggs) and seconded (Sullivan) to pay the bill.  The motion passed unanimously.
  • Adjourn
  • Next meeting:  TBD
  • Briggs motioned to adjourn.  Van Reet seconded.  Unanimously adjourned at 7:40AM.

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