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June 28, 2011
Rutland Planning Board

Present: Norman Anderson, Addison Redfield, Dick Williams, Stephanie Bacon

Excused:  Tim Nahrwold

Staff:  Susan Ducharme

Guests:  Gus Abalo, Ted Arranz, Tomas Velasco of Eosol Americas, Bill Scanlan

Open meeting:  6:42pm

1. Review minutes of 6/14/11:
Dick moved to accept minutes, with corrections, Addison 2nd, all in favor.

2. Time stamped copy of Subdivision Rules and Regulations adopted by the Planning Board: Received from Sally Hayden.  We now have an official copy.

2. Solar Farm bylaw:
Chairman stated that he looked at Solar Farms in West Boylston.  Tonight the Board will be meeting with Aosol Americas to discuss proposal.

3. Animal Control bylaw:
Dick brought in the document that Selectmen would like the Planning Board to look at.
Would By-law Subcommittee want to work on this?  Concensus would be needed.

Meeting recessed at 6:45pm for public hearing on estate lot (Wachusett Street) of Mark Elbag with public hearing continuation on McAllister Estates to follow at 7:00pm.

Meeting reconvened at 7:05pm.

4. McAllister Estates:
Chairman stated that he spoke with Carl Hultgren of Quinn Engineering.  They have received the latest plans but the Board has not.  Chairman stated that they are planning to review the plans and we should have something for our next meeting on the 12th.  

Chairman will call Mr. Blair to obtain the plans.  Site Walk to take place at 6:30pm on 7/12.  Carl Hultgren was invited to attend as well.

4. Solar Bylaw/Gus Abalo, Ted Arranz, Tomas Velasco of Eosol Americas:
Mr. Abalo and his colleagues were invited to attend this meeting to inform members of available financial assistance available to the town for the structure of solar renewal energy power on the farm in Glenwood place area (no longer under 61A).  Mr. Abalo gave an overview of projects he is currently working on in Massachusetts.  The company’s idea was to do several manageable energy projects as opposed to one massive project.  Mr. Abalo stated that he ran the site though GIS to see what environmental issues there might be.  He found quite a bit of wetland in the area (out of 91 acres, 8 to 9 acres of actual coverage).  Mr. Abalo further stated that the area would be fenced in (behind a buffer) and monitored.  Much of the landscape would be left untouched.  System is very quiet and geo site would need to be done.  Panel is flat (does not move).  1200 mega wart hours would be generated per year (summer usually 12 hours of production with winter about 6 hours).
Company would not connect to any high tension power lines connecting to the site.  They would work with National Grid.  A certificate would be attached to panel and Mass DOA would oversee it.  When asked about endangered species, Mr. Abalo stated that “The company tries to leave as much of the habitat around site untouched”.  
Discussion ensued to include:
  • Extra revenue for the town
  • Funding of consultant by Eosol Americas
  • Panels have a 40 year life.
  • Maintenance
  • If town approves, project could be started by this fall (break ground by Thanksgiving)
  • Site will be surrounded by vegetation (50 ft. minimum)
  • Chair referenced tax credit the town has to apply for (expires this year but could potentially be extended)
  • Methods available for applying for solar: Production tax credit, investment, 1603 grant.
  • Town meeting is mid-October
  • Financing of project  (about 5K) for bylaw only with additional money after that
  • End product: Virtually no maintenance
  • Public Hearing would be needed first.
Chairman informed Mr.Abalo that he would need to write up a document for the town.  
Mr. Abalo will do this.
Discussion ensued.  Mr. Scanlan will call Mr. Abalo to discuss further; start with the present document and modify from that.  Provisions seem very standard.  Board will review Mr. Abalo’s document and give input.

Special meeting will take place on July 14th at 6:30pm to review and discuss.

Public hearing/Informational Meeting will take place shortly after Labor Day )around 9/13 or so, date to be determined).    
Mr. Scanlan will review and give his thoughts to Chairman Anderson.

5. Estate Lot/Wachusett Street/Mark Elbag:
Susan typed certificate of action.  Norman will bring to Town Clerk’s office.

6. Payroll increase for Susan Ducharme:
Dick voted to approve the 2% increase, Addison 2nd, all in favor.
Chairman read letter.

Addison moved to adjourn meeting at ? 8:45pm   pm, Stephanie 2nd, all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan R. Ducharme

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