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December 22, 2015

Rutland Planning Board
                                           December 22, 2015

Present: Norman Anderson, Dick Williams, Marilyn Sidoti

Excused: Tim Nahrwold, Addison Redfield

Guests:  Mr. Jean Trudeau, Mr. Jim Soucy, Mr. Julian Votruba. Attorney George Kiritsy

Meeting opened at 6:31pm

  •      Review minutes of 12/8/2015:
Dick moved to approve with corrections, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.

  • Jean Trudeau re: Lussier estate lot and self storage building on Barre Baxton Road:   Mr. Trudeau lives near Four Corners.   He is concerned about having a large storage building in front of his house and also expressed concern that there is a retention basin on a residential lot.  Board responded that it is a detention, not retention basin.  Plan was reviewed.   Discussion ensued.  
7:20pm: Meeting recessed for Lussier Enterprises, LLC public hearing for an estate lot on Barre Paxton Road:  Chairman informed Mr. Lussier that the public hearing could be held but only comments could be discussed as the Board required a 4 super majority vote for special permit.
  • Plan meets all criteria
  • Nothing is written in Rutland’s Bylaw that would not allow Mr. George Lussier to have an estate lot.  Special permit gives relief from required frontage.
  • Public hearing was continued to 1/12/16 at 7:00pm.  Mr. Lussier will be away but will have his son Dave attend the meeting.
7:27pm: Meeting reconvened

7:30pm:  Meeting recessed for Blair Development Corp. public hearing to construct an addition to an existing structure on 10 Naquag Street.    Chairman explained to Mr. Blair that only comments could be discussed as the Board did not have a 4 super majority this evening.  
Hearing was continued to 1/12 at 7:30pm.

Second item for Mr. Blair:   Mr. Blair stated he sold a house in Bear Hill II (Lot 1).  The owners would like to close tomorrow to be in for Christmas.  He is asking for a Release of Covenant on Lot 1.  Bond will be in place tomorrow.  His insurance contact will have a copy tomorrow for Attorney Cranston to review.  He further stated that he will finish the road when he finishes the other road this spring.  Discussion ensued.  Board agreed to the release of covenant (Lot 1) with  the stipulation that Mr. Blair agree to sign a letter stating that he will faithfully negotiate with Mr. Gary Kellaher and have the Central Tree sidewalks completed by 7/15/16.  Letter was signed.  Susan will scan and send a copy to Mr. Blair.         

Jim Soucy and Julian Votruba re: special permit request for 2 units and 1 retail space on Maple Avenue (TC2 district):
A fence will be put along Highland Park with greenery on the backside of Highland Park Road.  Abutters list and all forms were presented. Plan was reviewed.
Public hearing will take place on 1/26/16 at 7:00pm. Legal ad will be mailed to abutters, etc.

Of note: Zoning Bylaw pertaining to residential use, sub-section C, 10 B, Article 2 was referenced:   Board needs to revisit  section to re-write.
Discussion ensued.  
Check for $500 (check #657) was presented.  Mr. Soucy will get plans to Fire, DPW and Police.
  • Bear Hill II release of covenant on Lot 1:
Dick moved to sign the release of covenant, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.

  • Hawthorne Hills Driveways:
Lots 8 and 9 are back near Central Tree Road.  Mr. Blair would like to apply for a subdivision on that road and call it a subdivision road.  It’s listed as 106 Main Street. Plan was reviewed and discussed.  The question was raised “Is it a driveway or private road?  Subdivision control law was referenced.  
Mr. Blair was asked to come up with a proposal.

  • NEXAMP: Check for $2,546.25 (check # 19496) was received for Quinn Engineering Report on Golden Hills and Treasure Valley II Solar.
  • Quinn Report pertaining to runoff at the top of Bear Hill: Reference Quinn report dated 12/21/15.  Carl Hultgren has concerns with the runoff.  He asked Chairman Anderson if he should still go and inspect the area.  Chairman said no at this time.
        The Board will go and take a look.  

Quinn Reports dated 12/15/15:
Bear Hill II Surrety:  Board approved at lower level.
Brice Lemon Estates
Moose Crossing

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Susan Ducharme

                                                Susan Duchame


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