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December 8, 2015
Rutland Planning Board



Present: Norman Anderson, Dick Williams, Marilyn Sidoti, Addison Redfield, Tim Nahrwold

Guests: Mark Elbag, Billy Blair, Will Castenelli, Julian Votruba, Attorney Kiritsy, Clealand Blair, Jr., Mark Elbag, Jr.

Open meeting: 6:36pm

  1. Review minutes of 11/24/15: Dick moved to accept the minutes with corrections, Addison 2nd, all in favor.

  2. Blair Property on 1 Arrowhead Way: Will Cassanelli , Building Inspector, spoke briefly with the Board regarding property. Concern: Building a house without a bond for the road. Chairman stated that it is ok for the applicant to build a house however the house cannot be sold until the bond is in place. Lot #16 was referenced. Dick stated that there should be no more housing until an exit is put out on Brintnal. Will stated that final inspections need to be done.

  3. Planner duties: A brief discussion ensued and will be continued later this evening

  4. Maple Ave Condo Plan/Mr. Julian Votruba and Mr. Jim Soucy:  Plan was reviewed with existing buildings shown on the plan. Mr. Soucy is looking to have apartments upstairs with retail downstairs. He plans to build 2 duplexes and a retail office apartment. There are no wetlands, just drainage. The Board would like to see parking in the back of the building as it is stated in the Town Center District Zoning Bylaw (bylaw was referenced pertaining to residence/mixed use). Special permit is required. Discussion ensued. Applicant was given an application to complete for special permit for site plan approval.

  5. Moose Crossing Surety Estimates, Phases 1 and 2/ Mr. Julian Votruba and Mr. Jim Soucy:  Julian spoke with Quinn Engineering. A surety estimate was done for Phase 1 and Phase 2. Mr. Votruba distributed Quinn’s Surety Estimate dated 12/7/15. Discussion ensued.

Meeting recessed for public hearing on McAllister Estates at 7:05PM.

Meeting reconvened.

  1. Bear Hill II Surety ( release of lots 1, 15, 16)/Mr. Clealand Blair, Jr., Attorney George Kiritsy:

Bear Hill II plan was reviewed. Quinn Engineering Surety Estimate (12/7/15) was referenced.

Discussion ensued. Attorney Kiritsy brought a copy of the statute to reference. Mr. Blair would like the bond reduced to $80,839.87.


Trenching runoff, etc. (Mr. Blair stated that he is working on this).

Attorney Kiritsy informed the Board that Mr. Blair has applied for a bond. He referenced a Release of Covenant form and Tri-Partite. Discussion ensued.

Attorney Kiritsy will complete paperwork after which he will bring to the Board. The Board will then have Town Counsel review the document.

Vote taken:  

Chair motioned to sign a partial release of covenant pending receipt, review, and approval by Attorney Paul Cranston after Attorney Kiritsy sends the completed bond and figure to him, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor. Attorney Kiritsy will call Attorney Cranston to inform him that he will be sending the document to him. Document was notarized by Susan Ducharme and copy given to Chairman Anderson.

Mr. Addison Redfield moved to require a bond in the amount of $80,839.87 for a portion of Arrowhead Way in the Bear Hill II definitive subdivision plan, Dick 2nd, all in favor.


CMRPC’s Regional Listening Session and Forum for Planning Board members:  Members planning to attend were advised to RSVP to

  1. Planner duties, tasks and projects for new planner to begin mid-January:  Chairman Anderson distributed a list he created for discussion and review. Susan distributed an old list to reference as well. Discussion ensued.

  2. Quinn Engineering invoices – re: Lussier Enterprises, LLC reviews:

Susan will send a letter to Mr. Lustier requesting payment of 3 invoices.

Nexamp: Chairman Anderson will send letter to NEXAMP.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:20pm

Respectfully submitted,

Susan R. Ducharme



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