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November 10, 2015
Rutland Planning Board



Present: Norman Anderson, Dick Williams, Marilyn Sidoti, Addison Redfield, Tim Nahrwold

Guests: Clealand Blair, Jr., George Lussier, Mark Elbag, Julian Votruba

Meeting opened at 6:30pm

Minutes of 10.27.15 were reviewed. No corrections. Dick moved, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.

Central Tree Sidewalks: Chairman stated that he received a letter from town counsel, Attorney Paul Cranston, asking what the status was on the Central Tree Road sidewalks. He would like to close the file. Chairman Anderson advised him not to at this time. The Board will discuss this with Mr. Blair this evening. Susan was asked to denote this on future agendas until issue is resolved.

Dick Williams referenced the following:

Mr. Clealand Blair will be in this evening to discuss putting a new structure on Maple Ave on the Martelli building on Main Street. This will require a special permit.

Mr. Jim Soucy would like to put a real estate office in the back of the existing structure on Maple Ave.

Dick spoke with Janet Pierce of CMRPC. The average age of Barton Associate employees is 29.


Mr. Julian Votruba presented a plan (Route 69 and Wachusett Street). There is a question pertaining to the assessor’s map regarding the acreage of land (8 vs. 10 acres) on the present plan. Surveyor Doug Andrysick was hired to review and comment. The stonewall on the property was referenced.

Mr. Andrysick agreed to revise the present plan to match the ANR details so the Durring family can understand that they do not have 6 acres of land. They have 4.6 acres.

Two surveyors agree with the line on the plan. A new plan will replace the old plan.

Addison moved, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.

Fee waived: Addison m moved, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.

Mr. Clealand Blair, Jr. presented a plan on 87 Main Street:  He is changing the lot line (8A and (8B).

Common Driveways bylaw was referenced and a discussed.

Mr. Blair will put one driveway in for each lot. ANR is for 2 lots.

Dick moved to endorse the plan, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.

A check in the amount of $400.00 (check number 24235) was received.

Central Tree sidewalks discussion with Mr. Blair:

Chairman informed Mr. Blair that the Board is still waiting to receive the written memo (written by Dan Lahey) pertaining to the sidewalks. Clea has not found it to date. He will look again for it. ($8K is the number). Mr. Blair stated that the price for paving has gone up.

Chairman asked Clea to refresh the agreement with Mr. Gary Kellaher, DPW. Clea will meet with him and Chair will ask Mr. Kellaher to see him soon.

10 Naquag Street: Mr. Blair stated that his father would like to store his RV there. A site plan approval form and special permit will be required. Plan is in the TC -2 district. Plan was reviewed.

It actually has a Naquag Street address. Discussion ensued.

Chairman stated that the Board will need to look at the floor area ration in the TC -2 district. Ratio is 2.5. Chairman further stated that he will email Mr. Blair the TC site plan application after he tweaks it from the Village Center District application.

McAllister Estates Subdivision:  Special permit is only good for 2 years which does not allow enough time for applicant to achieve what needs to be done. Board agreed however this is in the town’s bylaw as well as the state bylaw.

A motion was made to extend the public hearing on the definite and open space plan to 1/10/17. Time limit on decision to 2/14/17.

Norman moved, Tim 2nd, all in favor. Document will be signed and dated on 12/8/15 after the public hearing is opened.

Barre Paxton Road/Lussier Enterprises, LLC/Mr. George Lussier and Mark Elbag:

-Site plan has been approved but not ANR (in Village Center District). Plan was reviewed. ANR should have been signed before Site Plan approval. Mr. Lussier will bring plan to the Worcester Registry of Deeds.

Tim moved to endorse Mark Blanchard’s survey, Dick 2nd, all in favor.

Board has application. Plan was never recorded. Mr. Lussier now has an ANR and estate lot. (Mr. Lussier already paid for the Site Plan approval).

$500 received ($300 application fee and 4 lots) and $500 fee for special permit was also received.

Total: $1,000 (check number 4576) received.

Public hearing will take place on 12/22/15 at 7:00pm. Mr. Lussier will bring abutters list with stamped addressed envelopes to the town hall so public hearing can be advertized and mailed to all pertinent parties.

Route 68 Junkyard: Dick has still not spoken to Will (Building Inspector). Issue is still unresolved. Discussion ensued.

Bear Hill II/ Quinn Engineering Report 10/30/15: Chairman stated that he stopped there today. They are digging. Chair made Gary Kellaher aware of this. Discussion ensued.

Selectmen meeting last night: A brief discussion ensued.


Technical assistance application for grant funding was referenced. The Board will need to come up with bullet points. Perhaps Mr. Bill Scanlan could assist the Board with this.

This needs to be completed by next month. Chairman will speak with Margaret (town administrator).

Halifax Group – National Grid re: National Gas Pipeline Safety

Fall workshops for Citizen Collaborator Training.

12/10/15: CMRPC Joint meeting with Holden Planning Board

Recreation Department:  Tim stated that the Recreation Department may want the Board to come up with a bylaw.

New Planning Board Sub-committee member, Julianne Kelly:

Marilyn moved to appoint Julianne Kelly to the Bylaw Sub-committee, Addison 2nd, all in favor.

12/8/15: Tim will be away

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ducharme

Susan R. Ducharme



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