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October 13, 2015

Rutland Planning Board
                                      October 13, 2015

Present: Norman Anderson, Dick Williams, Marilyn Sidoti, Addison Redfield, Tim Nahrwold

Guests:  Tom Fancy of Sherman and Frederick, Joe Blair, Clea Blair, Jr., Craig Bacon

Meeting opened at 6:32pm

  •      Review minutes of 9/8/15 (Public Hearing Lussier Enterprises, LLC regarding storage facility:
Addison moved to accept the minutes as corrected, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.
Review minutes of 9/22/15: Addison moved to approve minutes as corrected, Marilyn 2nd all in favor.

  • ANR:
  • Mr. Tom Fancy of Sherman and Frederick regarding property of Mr. Ralph Takala on Walnut Street:
  Mr. Takala would like to divide a lot (Lot1) out of the 30 acres he owns on Walnut Street.  Plan was reviewed.
  Addison moved to endorse the plan, Tim 2nd, all in favor.  Check for $400.00, #13721, was received.  Applicant will return with recorded copy of the plan within 30 days.
  • Mr. Bob Smith and Cherylinn Bulger/Demond Pond Row:
  Mr. Smith stated that the land was previously land locked with 2 houses on one single lot with no frontage.  He created a plan with frontage for both lots on the right of way.  Plan was reviewed.  Discussion ensued.
  Addison motioned to endorse the plan as presented with a further addition that lot 2 may not be subdivided.  Discussion ensued.

A straw vote was taken to endorse the plan if the applicant agrees to bring it noting that
lot 2 may not be further subdivided.
Majority vote: Yes.
        Applicant will return on 10/27/15 at 6:45pm.

Meeting recessed for public hearing continuation for Lussier Enterprises, LLC storage
facility on Barre Paxton Road.

Meeting reconvened.

  • Bear Hill discussions after Quinn Engineering Reports (10/5 and 10/7/15):
Mr. Clea Blair, Jr., Joe Blair and Craig Bacon are present this evening to discuss issues noted in Quinn’s reports.
10/5/15 report regarding profile change:  A change in the slope of the road has been done.  The height of the road has been lowered by 8 feet.    Plan was reviewed and discussion ensued.  A release of covenant for lots 2 and 3 only were previously approved by the Planning Board.  The Board has no problem with the change.  Addison moved to approve a profile change on Arrowhead Way as shown on revision #3 (9/15/15) plan, Tim 2nd, all in favor.  
10/7/15 report site inspection: Clea stated that he would like to take the trees out while the weather is still dry (lots 2B, 3B, 4B (already done) and lot 5B).  Lots are basically ¾ acre lots.  Only one –third of an acre will be cleared.   Everything will be processed on 4B.  Sewer and water easement are all private.  
Chairman asked what sewer regulations apply to this.  ? E-1 line inspection was referenced.  Quinn Engineering will oversee this.  Clea plans to see Mr. Gary Kellaher, DPW, regarding the sewer line.  He would also like to see what the Board feels about Arrowhead Way where it ties into Clealand Circle.   
Reference: 5A on the entire site plan is on Pommogussett Road.  It was originally approved to go to Clealand Circle.  It now goes to where the house will be going and will not exit at Bear Hill.  Discussion ensued.  5A is now going to now be ½ of lot 23.
Chairman stated that he has a major problem with lot 15 which is clearly in Bear Hill II, but within the properties of Bear Hill I.  ANRs 1 and 16 were referenced.  Clea stated that he did not think there was an issue with lot 16.  He would like to bond a piece of the road.
He would prefer to build lot 15 and have lot 5A be the way it was before.  He would also like to build lot 16 which exits off of Clealand Circle as he has sold this lot because he thought it was okay.   Addison believes that 5A should not be built.    He has not done anything on lot 15. Addison stated that it all comes down to one thing which is the egress on Brintnal Drive.

Bear Hill I:    Clea reiterated that he would lie to build a house on 15 instead of 5A.  He will bond the road.  He would like to see bonding first on Arrowhead Drive in order to construct and provide access to the existing houses within the subdivision.

The Board wants to see bonding first on driveways
Marilyn – yes
Addison – yes
Norman – yes
Tim – no
Dick – no

The Board stated that they need to see a letter of agreement on this which states that upon the Board’s receipt of evidence that a bond is in place they will allow houses to be built on lots 15, 16 and 1.  Also, no further lots will be released from the covenant or built on until all conditions of approval are met including the egress.  5A will not be built not where it is on the plan.  The new 5A.will be built adjacent to lot 11.  
Only a scant majority of the planning Board:  3 to 2.
Clea will have Attorney Kiritsy write a letter and vote will be recorded in the letter.
Formal motion to be determined when Board receives the letter.  

Bear Hill Revision 9/14/15 Quinn Report: Mr. Joe Blair referenced Carl Hultgren’s recaps regarding eliminating curb inlets behind catch basin.  Board has no issue with this.
The Board would like Gary Kellaher to say that this would work.  
Sidewalk on bridge is installed.  Sidewalk and bridge were referenced on the plan.   Clea would like to eliminate a lot of the fill.  Reference: Quinn report of 9/14/15.
Discussion continued.  There is a detention pond on Brintnal to be built so drainage is going to change.  It will be across the pumping station.   Clea is concerned about building it now.  Technically it has to be built to have the road accepted by the town.  
Lot 53 is gone now.  Clea needs to speak with Carl  Hultgren regarding this.

ANR plan Main Street: Clea needs a house number which goes out onto Hawthorne but sits in Hawthorne 2.   He will put an association on it.
He will have to come towards the elderly house but will move lot line if it makes a difference.  Numbers will be: 100,102,104A and 104B.

  • Memo from Brad Webber, Fire Chief:   Re: highlighted aspects of the common driveway bylaw.  He has an issue with connecting to the driveway (i.e. Hawthorne Hill).
  • Letter pertaining to Mr. Glen Davis sale of  Springhill Farm to  Mr. Jim Soucy
  • Meloche and Meloche correspondence re: Emerald Road (Meagher property)
  • Commonwealth of Mass re: Brice lemon Residential subdivision (reference 9/24/15 letter)
  • Dick said that Margaret Nartowicz, town administrator, would like a letter from the Planning Board to the Selectmen stating that here is a problem with on zoning.  Suggest Selectmen enter into a contract with Koppleman and Paige to handle zoning issue on Rout 68 (Junkyard)
Chairman is not sure it is appropriate for the Board to send the letter.
Tim will speak with Will Castallani, Building Inspector. Chair will speak with Margaret.

  • Special permit Mr. James Meagher/Emerald Road:
               Planning Board signed special permit.  Chairman will bring to town clerk tomorrow.

  • Next Bylaw Subcommittee meeting:  Monday, November 2nd at 10:00am.  
There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:15pm

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Susan Ducharme

                                                Susan Duchame


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