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September 8, 2015

Rutland Planning Board
                                      September 8, 2015

Present: Norman Anderson, Dick Williams, Marilyn Sidoti, Addison Redfield

Excused: Tim Nahrwold  

Guests:  George Lussier, Mark Elbag, Dave Lussier

Meeting opened at 6:30pm

  •      Review minutes of 8/25/15:
Addison moved to approve with corrections, Dick 2nd, all in favor.

  • Noble Hill Special Permit:  Chairman Anderson has not gotten hold of Attorney Cranston yet.
  • Release of Covenant Bear Hill II:  Chairman stated that he delivered the wetland crossing document to Mr. Blair after he was given the Release of Covenant.
  • Bear Hill II: Building Inspector Will Cassenelli informed the Board that a foundation has been put in.`
Re: Rufus Putnam House: Chairman received a letter via email pertaining to (no) historic impact on property.  Susan will check to see if letter was sent to Planning Board as well.  Dick asked Susan to forward the letter to him if it was sent to the Planning Board computer.
  • Junkyard on Route 68? Board of Health went to the property to take pictures of the property as no clean up has been done.  He was chased off the property.  Dick stated that this has been going on for 8 to 9 weeks now.  The town accepted the village way before this.  Dick will speak with Margaret (town manager) as a concerned member of the Planning Board. Board members agreed that no town official should be going to the property without a police escort.
  • Proposed Storage Facility/Barre Paxton Road/ Lussier Enterprises, LLC:
Report was reference prior to public hearing.

  • Fall Town Meeting Warrant Placeholder:  Is with Margaret, Town Manager

Meeting recessed at 6:59pm for public hearing on Storage Facility, Barre Paxton Road.
Meeting re-convened at 7:17pm

  • Brief discussion ensued after public hearing.  Chairman will speak with Margaret, Town Manager regarding whether Lussier parcel on Barre Paxton Road would be large enough?  Could something else be done on his son Billy’s property?  
Planning Board Sub-committee will be started up again soon.  Addison will mention this at the next RBA meeting.

  • Email from Janet Richardson, Real Estate Paralegal, Law Offices of Michael Gorman LLC, Holden, MA re: 15 Carlsons Way re: pumping station on lot 5R:
Current owner deed and plans were reference.  Addison will take a ride to the property to see if he can view the pumping station.
Brice Lemon Subdivision was referenced.  Pumping station should be on town not private property.  Board asked Susan to send a response that if there is a sewer pumping station serving houses on Carlson’s Way it would be owned and maintained by the town if it’s not a separate lot. (Please clarify)

  • Addison asked Susan to add possible lapsing subdivisions and open space submissions.
There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:03pm.

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Susan Duchame


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