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August 25, 2015

Rutland Planning Board
                                          August 25, 2015

Present: Norman Anderson, Dick Williams, Marilyn Sidoti, Tim Nahrwold, Addison Redfield

Guests: Attorney George Kiritsy, Michael Gasparoni, James and Tom Meagher, Julian Votruba, James Soucy

Meeting opened at 6:30pm

  •      Review minutes of 8/11/15:
            Dick moved to approve with corrections, Tim 2nd, all in favor.

  • Conservation Restriction 97 Campbell Street (Michael Gasparoni):
Attorney Kiritsy is present this evening with Mr. Gasparoni.  He made
major changes to the letter he previously wrote pertaining to the C.R.
Final was given to the Board.  Attorney Kiritsy will record it and bring
the original back to the Board.  

  • Registered copy of the Release of Covenant for Bear Hill II:  Chairman
communicated to Attorney Kiritsy that the Board has not received this.
Once it is received the Board will give him the document pertaining to the
wetland crossing.

  • Central Tree Estates Subdivision Conditions of Approval:
Letter written by Attorney Kiritsy was reviewed and signed by the Board.
Dick mentioned the issue pertaining to sidewalks he mentioned to the Town Administrator and Selectmen at their last meeting during open session.  
Addison moved to send the letter as written (with copy of signed conditions of approval) to Mr. Blair’s attention, Dick 2nd all in favor.  Susan will send the letter certified mail.
  • ANRS:
Emerald Road/Turkey Hill Road/Mr. James Meagher, Tom Meagher and Julian Votruba:
Plan with 3 conventional lots and 1 estate lot (all perked) was presented and reviewed.   
Discussion ensued.  Estate lot was scratched off plan and non-buildable lot was noted.
Addison moved to endorse lot 1, 2 and 4 of the plan presented by James and Betty Meagher, Tim 2nd.
Addison amended his motion to endorse the entire plan as submitted including the unbuildable lot, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.
Public hearing for 1 estate lot consideration on Emerald Road will take place on 9/22 at 7:00pm.  Julian was asked to bring abutters list and stamped addressed envelopes to the Planning Board mailbox.  Susan will submit legal ad to Landmark/Central Mass Classified and will mail the legal ad to abutters and pertinent departments/boards, etc.
Check for $800 (Check #106) was received.  

  • Invoices:
Chairman stated that he received 2 invoices
  • Central Mass Classified – Mr. Lussier legal ad for proposed storage unit
  • Quinn Engineering Inspection report on Bear Hill II
  • Bear Hill II Site Inspection/Quinn Engineering dated 8/20/15::
Discussion ensued to include bullet number 4 stating that a house location has been staked out on Lot 1.   

  • Emails received today:
  • ANR 47 Walnut Street/Cindy Liptak:
Ms. Liptak sent an email to the Board stating that she registered the plan this morning.   
      Susan was asked to contact her to also have her bring a copy of the plan to the     
      Planning Board.   

  • Gary MacLeod (email dated 8/24/15) from Horn Hastings Associates, Inc. Princeton, MA
Mr. MacLeod is an appraiser who has been asked to perform an appraisal on Nobel Hill Estates property for a bank.    He would like to receive confirmation that the approvals for the open space subdivision (signed 1/27/09) have not expired and what date they are good through.    He also asked what the general process was if the developer wished to go to individual on-site wells in lieu of municipal water, given that the zoning specifies sewer and water.  Would they be required to increase the lot areas of the lots?
Tim stated that he believes Noble Hill has been approved more than 2 years.
Chairman Anderson believes that entire zoning is no longer based on water and sewer which is no longer part of zoning except for open space subdivisions.
This could be a Board of Health issue.  Also, is there a 1 acre minimum lot size for water and sewer?  Rutland now only has R-40 and R-60 now.   Open space is still in effect.   An extension may be needed if permits have expired.    Town of Rutland Zoning Bylaw was referenced.  Discussion ensued
Chairman Anderson will phone Mr. MacLeod.  

Of note:  Only Chairman and Marilyn have revised 2011 zoning books.  Susan will contact Anita to obtain the latest revision with amendments through 2011 for Tim, Addison, Dick and herself.

  •       Mail
     Route 86 Junkyard memo dated 8/25/15 (letter dated 8/25/15):
     A cease and desist has been issued at 541 East County Road.  Owner must  
      also clean property within 30 days of receiving notice from Scott Gilroy,
      Board of Health.
  •     CMRPC REQUEST (Sujatha Mohanakrishnan, Transportation Project
    Manager) RE: 2000 -2040 Town Population and Employment Projections:
   Email was referenced with copies distributed. Tim will respond to email.

        There being no further business the meeting closed at 8:25pm.
           Addison, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.
                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Susan Duchame


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