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August 11, 2015

Rutland Planning Board
                                          August 11, 2015

Present: Norman Anderson, Dick Williams, Marilyn Sidoti, Tim Nahrwold, Addison Redfield

Guests: Attorney George Kiritsy, Cindy Liptak, Mark Elbag, George and David Lussier

Meeting opened at 6:30pm

  • Review minutes of 7/28/15:
      Dick moved to approve with corrections, Addison 2nd, all in favor.

2. ANR’S:
Cindy Liptak – ANR 47 Walnut Street:
Ms. Liptak is increasing a lot size and is applying for a tax credit.  Plan was reviewed.
Dick moved to waive the fee, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.
Dick moved to endorse the plan, Tim 2nd, all in favor

Mark Elbag, Jr., George and David Lussier re: Storage facility on Route 122 (mixed use, Village Center District):

Mr. Lussier is proposing 58 units. Plan was reviewed and discussed.   Parking is not needed for the storage unit.   Application has been completed for Site Plan approval.  Mr. Elbag will email Quinn Engineering (and cc Planning Board) to review.    Check for $700 ($500 for site plan application fee and $200 for public hearing legal ad fee) was received #4411.
        Public hearing will take place on 9/8/15 at 7:00pm.   Abutters list and stamped envelopes
        will be left in the Planning Board mailbox for Susan to send out legal ad notice.

  • Old and New Business:
Discussions on Open Space subdivisions:
Dick stated that he spoke with Diane in the Assessor’s office.  Apparently open space subdivisions are not being taxed.  Brice Lemon was referenced (The Board has not yet received a Homeowner’s Association on this).
       Discussion ensued.  Tim suggested giving Diane a list of all subdivisions that have open
Space in town (this would date back to the 1990’s) to allow her to conduct research on this.  Addison stated that this should be part of the landowners’ responsibility.
Brunelle subdivisions were referenced.  Discussion ensued.

Conservation restriction on 97 Campbell Street (Michael Gasparoni):
        The Board and Attorney Kiritsy reviewed the letter (7/28/15) the Board had requested he    
              make up a new  Conservation Restriction.    Letter was revised.  
        Tim moved to sign, Addison 2nd, all in favor.

Planning Board office space:
Chairman Anderson stated that he met with Gary Kellaher and with Margaret Nartowicz (Town Administrator).  Gary stated that there is money (about $19K) in an article for exterior renovations.  Wording to interior would need to be changed at an upcoming town meeting.
Discussion ensued to include Gary’s idea of moving the Building Inspector’s office to the town hall lower level and giving the Planning Board the Building Inspector’s office.  
Discussion ensued about the pros and cons.  Dick thought the Building Inspector’s office to be a better idea because if a town planner is hired at some point he/she would be in close proximity to the Town Administrator.
Straw vote was taken:
Board agreed that the Building Inspector’s office would be acceptable.  Yes vote (5 of 5).

Chairman stated that at the last department head meeting Diane made a reference that people are coming into the assessor’s office for newly signed ANR plans.  These are brought over to the Assessor’s mailbox shortly after the Planning Board meeting.   Chairman stated that perhaps the applicant is going over the day following a Planning Board meeting which would not allow enough time for ANRs to be brought over.  Susan will get them over as soon as she possibly can.

Memorandum from Jackie O’Brien (BOS office) dated 7/29/15: Requesting department reports be submitted by October 31, 2015 (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015):
Susan will work on report and send to Chairman Anderson for review before submitting.

Certificate of Site Plan approval Pleasant Valley Solar LLC, Treasure Valley II:
Document was reviewed.
Dick moved to approve and sign, Tim 2nd, all in favor.  Chairman Anderson will bring to Anita tomorrow.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8:40pm.

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Susan Duchame


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