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July 28, 2015

Rutland Planning Board

Present: Norman Anderson, Dick Williams, Marilyn Sidoti, Addison Redfield, Tim Nahrwold

Guests: Mr. Clapp, Eric Las, Ron Marsh, Sean Harrington

Meeting opened at 6:26pm and recessed for site walk on Treasure Valley Solar, II, Pleasantdale Road/Nexamp prior to public hearing.

Meeting reconvened at 7:24pm.

Public hearing on Treasure Valley Solar II opened at 7:25pm.
Application and plans have been reviewed by Quinn Engineering.

Mr. Eric Las presented plan.  
  • 2.5 acres solar array
  • Stonewall and wetland area (Conservation Commission closed the public hearing, had no concerns) and storm water management.
  • 50 foot vegetative buffer
  • 80 proposed plantings  (2 rows)
  • Solar panels will be screwed in the ground.
  • A 12 inch drain pipe is proposed
  • Fire pond lower level of Joanna Drive
  • Fire Department and DPW signed off on design for culvert
  • No real grading has been proposed
  • Electric will be underground
  • The field will be re-seeded with existing grass.
  • Erosion controls and layout sheets details
  • Trimming of trees.
  • There will be four varieties of trees that are 4 -5 feet high
  • One gate will be installed where drainage is if DPW needs to come in.  Mr. Clapp stated that Nexamp would take full responsibility to keep this unclogged and maintained at all times.
  • Tim asked if this will be noted in the O&M book.  Mr. Clapp will look into this to assure that it is.
Quinn report of 7/28/15 was reviewed in detail:
#1 – Board found to be okay
#2 Hazardous trees – Mr. Eric Las stated that they had considered tree topping with certified arborist.  Mr. Alan Clapp continued that they will defer to the certified arborist as some of the trees perhaps could be cut as they would thrive cut near ground  and would sprout back up.  Trimming is preferred over cutting if this can be done.  
#3 Everything is under the ground.  Three poles will be put in for utility for their equipment and 2 poles for Nexamp equipment.  The Board does not want to see more than 5 poles.  Everything else is underground.
#4  Board found to be ok
#5 Board found to be ok
#6 Board found to be ok
#7 Board found to be ok
#8 Resolved
#9 Resolved
#10 Resolved
Mr. Gary Kellaher has approved the connection.  Letter was referenced and will be placed in file.
#11 Resolved
#12 Mr. Eric Las stated that the revised plan has corrected the situation.
#13 Nexamp will plant 12 red cedar tree plantings
#14 Fence – 6 inches to 8 inches – no further comment

There being no further discussion Addison moved to close the hearing, Dick 2nd, all in favor.  8:04pm

Meeting reconvened 8:05pm.

Discussion after public hearing:
Culvert maintenance will be added to the conditions of approval with contact name in the O&M.
Expected start date:  Mr. Clapp stated they hope to start sometime this year.
(contingency cap) has been passed by the Senate and is now in the House for approval. Mr. Clapp hopes approval happens by this fall.
Applicant requested that the Board vote to approve with conditions tonight.  
Addison moved to grant site plan approval with conditions to the Treasure Valley II, Pleasantdale Solar, LLC, Marilyn 2nd all in favor.

Review minutes of 7/14/15:

Dick has tried 2 weeks now to reach Attorney George Kiritsy regarding Mr. Gasparoni’s conservation restriction.  Apparently he is on vacation.  Dick will try again.
Addison moved to accept with corrections, Dick 2nd, all in favor.

Review minutes 6/23/15:
Tim moved to approve with corrections, Dick 2nd, all in favor.
Dick stated that he spoke with Anita Carlson, Town Clerk.  She informed him that Irish Lane and Cameron Drive open space has not been taxed the last 5 to 7 years (owned by Northern Estates).  
Dick thought someone bought it. Discussion ensued.
The Board of Assessors will take a look at the surrounding lots after which Mr. Mark Elbag, Sr. and Mr. James Soucy will be contacted.

There being no further business the hearing closed at 8:30pm.

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Susan R. Ducharme


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