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July 14, 2015
Rutland Planning Board

Present:  Norman Anderson, Addison Redfield, M. Sidoti, Dick Williams

Excused: Tim Nahrwold

Guests: Clealand Blair, Jr., Mark Elbag, Sr.

Open meeting: 6:31pm.

Review minutes of 6/23/15 hold to be reviewed at the next meeting.

ANR/Princeton Road off Ridge Road (1.5 acres)/Mark Elbag, Sr.:
Applicant would like to increase the size by adding acreage to create another lot.  
Plan was reviewed.  Addison moved to endorse, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.
Check #1084 in the amount of $500.00 was received.

Town Clerk request re: ANRs:  Anita is requesting that the Board initial ANRs moving forward.

Brice lemon Estates culverts (fill vs. span)/Mr. Clealand Blair, Jr:
Clea stated that he is will be submitting another submission to MEPA (for lots and roads).  DCR asked him to consider spanning them. Clea stated that he eliminated 3,000 feet of wetlands to make a crossing.   He also stated that he spoke with Gary Kellaher regarding this.  Gary is not sure of what to write up.   He will need a letter from the Board pertaining to the environmental impact.  Discussion ensued.  
Clea will have Attorney Kiritsy write up something after which the Board will review and write something by the Planning Board 7/28/15 meeting.
Chairman Anderson would like the letter to have specific language pertaining to what spanning is and what a bridge is, etc.
Of note:  This could also affect Brintnal Estates
Clea will have Attorney Kiritsy and his engineers work on the letter.

Brintnal Drive (driveway permit):  Chairman asked Clea what the status of the permit is.
Clea stated that he gave Gary Kellaher a bond and assessors map.  Gary signed it and Clea received the permit.

Route 68 junkyard:  Dick stated that the owner is in zoning bylaw violation.  Discussion ensued.
A copy of the Constable’s notice was referenced.  This will be delivered to the owner of the property.  A court case will be needed to cease it. Dick further stated that he will speak with Gary Kellaher (need him to go with jersey barriers to block off the area after owner goes to the courthouse).

Quinn Engineering/Brice Lemon deficit on account:
Chairman stated that to date the Board has only received less than one third payment.  The next payment is not due until bonding. Chairman will pay Quinn invoice and will inform Mr. Blair that his account is in a deficit situation.

New Planning Board Office:  Chairman Anderson spoke with Margaret Nartowicz (town administrator) today.  Margaret has not had a chance to speak with Gary Kellaher yet.  She will speak with him and Pete from DPW next week.  Board members would like to be present during discussions re:
  • Planning Board space requirements (room size, more storage, separate tables to set plans on during meetings/hearings, separate room from Conservation Commission, etc.).
  • Possibility of stripping out the kitchen for additional space.
  • Supplies/furniture (if needed)
Chairman stated that they should know something by the next meeting.

Brice Lemon Estates:  Chairman stated that he spoke with Carl Hultgren of Quinn Engineering.  They do have a new plan however they do not have engineering drawings for the pumping station.  
Chairman also spoke with Gary Kellaher.  He is just about done with the sewer regulations.  He wondered what Board collected in fees, bonds, etc.

Fee Scheduled was referenced:  The Board agrees that the schedule is ok at this time.
If Quinn is going to start inspecting sewer and water extensions more money could be involved.  

Conservation Restriction/Mr. Gasparoni/97 Campbell Street: Dick stated that he read the document.  He pointed out to Mr. Gasparoni the items that he did not agree with and wrote down a few things to discuss with the Board tonight.
Document (7/29/14) was reviewed:  Suggested changes were discussed and suggested.
P. 1 – III  Removals from #1 (building and landings strips) should be struck (? add root cellar)
  • P. 1 – III Removals from #2 (mining, excavating, dredging) should be removed.  
  • P. 2 – III Removals from #3 ( refuse, rubbish, debris, junk, waste).
  • P. 2 – B - Need to re-number.  Dick would like to add “in accordance with Rutland’s right to farm bylaw” (somewhere n this section).
There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:47pm.
Respectfully submitted,

                                                Susan R. Ducharme

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