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June 23, 2015
Rutland Planning Board



Present: Norman Anderson, Dick Williams, Marilyn Sidoti, Addison Redfield, Tim Nahrwold


Meeting opened at 6:35pm

Minutes of 6/9/15 were reviewed. Dick moved to approve with corrections, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor. Tim abstained.

Corrine Puliafico re: amendment to the Rutland Center District Bylaw (to include Sunnyside Avenue addresses: Ms. Puliafico was present on 3/24/15 to seek the Board’s advice on how to proceed. She would like to put in a 3rd apartment in the cellar of her home for her own personal use. She is in R-40 zoning district which puts this into a multi-family. She will need 100 signatures to get this on the special town meeting warrant. Discussion ensued. The Board advised her to name the lots that she plans to change to amend the zoning map and town center district (lots 13 and 14). She should also attach a map for the people to see.


Karen Greenwood and Lynn Amsden of 7 Breezy Lane:

Ms. Greenwood’s mother, Irene Amsden, passed away in November. She is executor of the house which she and her sister Lynn are in the process of selling. Their goal is to take a piece of the land that they are selling and add it to their property. Property is in the town center district therefore a lot can be reduced in size as they are still the deed holders. Plan and lot line was referenced.

Dick moved to endorse the plan, Addison 2nd, all in favor. Check for $400.00 (#108) was received. Ms. Greenwood will take the mylar to the Registry of Deeds to have it recorded and stamped after which she will make a copy and bring it to the Planning Board office.

Quinn Engineering Reports on Bear Hill II and Brice Lemon Estate site inspections:

  1. 6/11/15 Site inspection letter on Bear Hill II on two houses the Board released for building on section for the two houses only. Chairman stated that Carl Hultgren of Quinn Engineering, will be making regular visits at the site. Lots 2 and 3 have been sold.

  2. Letters of 6/10/15 and 6/17/15 on Brice Lemon Estates were also referenced and plan was reviewed. Planning Board can require stakes be put in at the site. Chairman stated that he, Kevin Quinn and Gary Kellaher met this afternoon. If they find that this is not done they will be forced to hire the Clerk of the Works to require that they are there all of the time. Dick stated that he would like to see fill brought in (of bank run gravel crushed). Also, Kevin met with Gary and Norman this afternoon. Gary communicated that none of the work was inspected at the time it was done. Both Gary and Kevin will try to work together on this. Discussion ensued. Issue is with sewer and water and Mr. Blair does not have a sewer permit and even if does obtain one the water supply is not adequate.

Letter of 6/11/15 from Quinn Engineering Field Inspection Report memorandum on Brice Lemon Estates. Mr. Quinn and Gary Kellaher went to view the site. The Board is okay with memorandum.

Board agreed that Chairman should send a letter asking for clarification whether and how the 2 existing houses will be serviced by water and sewer and that staking be done as well. An update on the release of covenant to cover 2 lots on Bear Hill II will also be added. Board returned the document for resubmission due to errors in wording and syntax. Chairman will email members to view the letter prior to sending it out. Reference: 5/26 minutes.

Chairman will write letter requesting that letter be sent to the Board for review. Afterwards a letter will be sent to Mr. Blair with a cc to Quinn Engineering and Gary Kellaher.

Discussion ensued. Board would like to see detailed designs with the plan. Another issue is the sewer permit.

Chairman will call Quinn if he does not hear back from him next week.

Proposal for new Planning Board office:

Chairman gave the draft letter to Margaret Nartowicz, Town Administrator, yesterday. More to follow.

Brintnal Driveway: Email dated 6/22 from Attorney Cranston was read. Attorney Cranston stated that Mr. Blair must immediately file an application to obtain a “Temporary Permit for Entering Highway” with the DPW. Mr. Kellaher shall consult the Planning Board prior to issuing the permit. Discussion ensued.

Chair would like to see Gary Kellaher (DPW) write up as conditions (stonewall needs to be put back and any grading that has been disturbed and hydro seeding needs to be done). All members present agreed with Chairman.

Brice Lemon Old vs. New Plan/Dick Williams: Dick will look to check both plans. He suggested Quinn Engineering be asked if they could verify if old and new plans are correct.

Public Hearing for 7/28/15/Applicant: Pleasantdale Solar, LLC:/Nexamp/Treasure Valley II:

  • Town Clerk clocked this in today. Application and Solar Bylaw were reviewed for completeness.
  • Site walk to take place at 6:30pm prior to 7:00pm public hearing.
  • Susan will notify pertinent parties.

  • Board discussed the need to revisit the following:

  • Bylaws

  • Homeowners Association (reference Brice lemon – there should have been a homeowners association put in place).

  • MHO (Board agreed to take a look at HOA and MHO).

  • Re-writing of some regulations (they are not specific enough to prevent business from being allowed in a subdivision).

  • Margaret Nartowicz, Town Administrator, spoke with Bill Pula, DCR. Occasionally, Jeff Lacy could be available to assist the Board.  

Road map for Town of Rutland:

The Board agreed that they should have a map for the Town of Rutland. Discussion ensued.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:08pm

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ducharme

Susan R. Ducharme



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