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June 9, 2015

Rutland Planning Board

Present:  Norman Anderson, Addison Redfield, M. Gilman

Excused: Tim Nahrwold

Guests: Cherilyn Bulger, Alan Clapp, Clealand Blair, Julian Votruba, Craig Bacon

Open meeting: 6:31pm.

Review minutes of 5/26/15
Dick moved to approve, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.
Corrected minutes of 5/12/15 will be given to Susan as she was not at the 5/26 meeting.

Meeting recessed at 6:40pm to check office space in the town hall.
Meeting reconvened at 7:00pm.

Certificate of Action for Golden Hills Solar was reviewed with Mr. Alan Clapp:
Marilyn moved to endorse after corrections were denoted, Addison, 2nd, all in favor.
A copy was given to Mr. Clapp.  Chairman will bring the signed original to the town clerk tomorrow.  A signed copy was placed in Golden Hills folder.

Cherilynn Bulger and Jim Zingarelli (civil engineer) regarding her property on Demond Pond R.O W.:
A new proposed plan was reviewed along with plan on Irish Lane owned by Mark Wilson.   
Ms. Bulger stated that she will now have 50 foot frontage (her mother is selling her some of her land).  Mr. Zingarelli stated that he has an issue with the septic system.  He suggested that each have their own driveway.   He further stated that this the town helped to create this situation 15 years ago by issuing a building permit.  This has created a hardship issue for Ms. Bulger.  Discussion ensued.  Ms. Bulger was advised to go to the ZBA.


  • Main Street/Rick Merchant:  Mr. Merchant is changing the property lines (2 lots).  He is selling a piece of the property so he had to move one lot line.
Plan was reviewed.  Addison moved to endorse the plan, Marilyn 2nd, all in favor.
Check # 1269 in the amount of $400 was submitted.  Mr. Merchant will take the plan to the courthouse and will bring back a signed registered copy to the Planning Board.

  • Wachusett Street and East County Road/Julian Votruba for Mr. Ralph Anderson:
Plan with 3 lots (all with adequate frontage and acreage) was reviewed.  Driveways will be individual driveways.  Addison moved to endorse, Dick 2nd, all in favor.

Bear Hill Estates/Mr. Clealand Blair and Craig Bacon:
Mr. Blair distributed a copy of the letter he promised he would send the Board with denoting what he is doing at Bear Hill.  Reference page 2, Section B, highlighted subsection 4. Document was reviewed.  

Board comments/concerns:
  • Huge oak tree behind the disturbed stone wall that Mr. Bacon removed.  Mr. Bacon stated that it is temporary.  He will put it back in two months.    Mr. Blair stated that the wall is not in the right of way.  Mr. Votruba said that it is on private property.
  • Gary Kellaher (DPW) is adamant that Mr. Blair obtain a driveway permit.  If Gary prevails and wants Mr. Blair to get a permit the Planning Board would require a public hearing on disturbance of the walls.
  • Scenic roads cannot be paved unless approval by the Planning Board is obtained.  Reference B3 in letter.
  • Mr. Blair will bring a letter to Gary tomorrow  explaining why he does not need a driveway permit.  A lengthy discussion ensued.
  • Mr. Blair stated that he will not obtain a driveway permit as it is not necessary.
  • Chairman Anderson requested that Mr. Blair send a letter to the Planning Board stating what he will be doing.  
  • Mr. Blair was also asked what he is going to do at the top of the hill (Bear Hill II).
He stated that he is building a road to get to two houses and will be installing drainage, water and sewer.  A first load of gravel was brought in 2 weeks ago.  The Board would like Quinn Engineering to walk the site to review and comment  and would also like Gary Kellaher (DPW) to inspect the water and sewer.
Mr. Blair will get a letter to the Board stating that he will put the wall back and clean out the gravel, etc.
Mr. Helle‚Äôs old driveway was referenced.  Mr. Blair will water and sewer front lots after he speaks with Gary.

Reference Section B-3: Chairman stated that it may be better for the Board to consider re-writing.  Its essence is still from Mass General Laws but needs a re-write.
Quinn Engineering and the Landmark.  Chairman will be submitting payment.       
Payroll advance for Susan Ducharme:  Effective July 1, 2015
$17.70 per hour.
Dick moved to approve, Addison 2nd, all in favor.
Susan will have Tim Sign form for Registry of Deeds after which she will mail.  
Planning Board Office Space:
Discussion ensued regarding a letter that the Planning Board will be sending to  Margaret Nartowicz,Town Administrator  regarding proposal for office and meeting space to be located in the lower level of the Community Hall.

Particulars of proposal were referenced:
Carpeted floor, suspended ceiling, insulated and dry walled exterior walls, 2 lockable means of egress, appropriate computer and electrical service, Mitsubishi style heat pump HVAC system, appropriate LED lighting, furniture allowance for office and public hearing/waiting area.
Dimensions: 27 feet x 21 feet, 6 inches, width or approximately 580.5 square feet of space, partitioned and separated from the remaining room.  
Request this be constructed expeditiously as possible as our present designated area is totally inadequate for conducting our normal business.  Lake of sufficient meeting, hearing and file storage space does not allow us to properly organize or perform the service to the town for which we are elected.
If this proposed new facility is to be shared with Conservation Commission then a physical separation for the 2 boards needs to be provided.
To accommodate ADA the lower level inside entrance door may need to be moved.
CMRPC Annual Dinner Meeting: 6/11 reminder:  Cash Bar - 5:30pm - Buffet 6:15pm.
There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:28pm.
Respectfully submitted,
                                                Susan R. Ducharme

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