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Subdivision Regulations
Table of Contents
Note: Table of contents has not been updated
A. Adoption and Administration
B. Interpretation
C. Severability
D. Invalidation by State Law
E. Amendments
A. Application
B. Submission Date
C. Form and Content of Plan
D. Determination that Approval Not Required
E. Determination that Approval Is Required
F. Recording
A. Application
B. Submission Date
C. Form and Content of the Preliminary Plan
D. Report of the Board of Health
E. Comments of Other Town Officials
F. Preliminary Plan Approval
G. Notice of Action on Preliminary Plan
A. Application
B. Form and Content of the Definitive Plan
C. Traffic and Safety Study
D. Other Information
E. Report of the Board of Health
F. Comments of Other Town Officials
G. Public Hearing
H. Performance Guarantee
I. Definitive Plan Approval
J. Certificate of Action
K. Appeal Period, Record Plans
L. Recording of Plans
A. General
B. Streets
C. Sidewalks, Bikeways, and Walking Paths
D. Public Water
Underground Utilities
E. Stormwater Management
F. Protection of Local Water Supply
G. Easements
H. Open Spaces
I. Protection of Natural Features
J. Earth Removal
A. Streets and Roadways
B. Municipal and Utility Services
C. Sidewalks and Bikeways
D. Curbs
E. Street Lights and Signs
F. Trees
Preservation of Existing Trees
Street Trees
G. Landscaping Requirements
Slopes and Street Intersection Plantings
Cul-de-Sac Plantings
Grass Strips
H. Monuments
I. Driveways
J. Clean Up
A. Waiver of Compliance
B. Modification, Amendment or Revision of Definitive Plan Approval
C. Supervision and Inspection
D. Acceptance of Roads
E. Release of Bonds

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