Notice of Soils Importing Activity



To: Rutland Board of Selectmen, Town Administrator, Conservation Commission, Planning Board, Board of
Health, Police Department, Rutland Residents, Princeton Board of Selectmen, Holden Town Manager,
Worcester Water-Sewer Operations Division, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of
Conservation & Recreation Division of Water Supply Protection, Eco Tech

From: Gary Kellaher, DPW Superintendent

Date: October 23, 2015

RE: Notice of Soils Importing Activity

This is to notify you of increased trucking and soi ls importing activity anticipated in Rutland this fall beginning
November I 51
• Approximately 200,000 tons of soils meeting a residential standard of RCS- I and below, and
originating from outside the Town of Rutland will be transported by several truckloads each day to the Jordan Farm
on Muschopauge Road (the "Project"). The Project will be conducted in accordance with the Department of
Environmental Protection's (DEP) "Similar Soils Provision Guidance" published on October 2, 2013, and revised
April 25, 2014 and September 4, 2014. The DEP has issued an Administrative Consent Order (ACO) with
stipulations for this Project (ACO-CE- I 5-9002-3R6W). The ACO will be attached to any and all agreements
executed between the Town and LEM related to the Project.

The Project shall comply with local requirements, including:

• 3rd party verification of soil type and quality, to be conducted randomly at the delivery site by Eco Tech, a
  certified soils tester approved in advance by the Town, and paid for by the hauling contractor Lighthouse
  Environmental Management (LEM). Submission of all 3rd party test results will be submitted in writing to the
  Town upon completion of testing.
• All work associated with the Project shall be in accordance with an agreement executed prior to the Project
  between the DPW Superintendent, for the Town, and LEM.
• The DPW Superintendent shall be authorized to enter the delivery site at any time during the Project to conduct
  inspections and assure compliance with all agreement terms.
• By 6:00 p.m. on the calendar day immediately preceding a day during which trucking activity will occur, LEM
 will notify the Rutland Regional Dispatch Center of the number of trucks expected the next day. The Dispatch
 Center will, in turn, notify the DPW Superintendent and Police Chief. Police details will be scheduled and paid
 for by LEM when it is deemed necessary by the Police Chief.
• Road repairs/restoration shall be paid in full by LEM in the form of a non-refundable payment of$. I Olton of
 material delivered. Scale s lips from the deposit location in Rutland will be used by the Town to calculate the

Please contact DPW Superintendent Gary Kellaher with any questions.

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