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July 20, 2015
Rutland Public Library
Board of Trustees
July 20, 2015
The meeting convened at 7: 15 pm. In attendance were:
Shelly Mitchell, Trustee
Jane Alinovi, Trustee
Chris Waible, Chairperson
Kerry Remington, Director
Ruth Rovezzi, Secretary

Members of the Rutland Cable Advisory Committee joined the meeting to discuss the
progress on the studio in the library. Paul Matson, Addison Redfield and Ray Becker
were the representatives of the RCAC. Kerry Remington raised the concern that
contractors working on the studio have keys to the building and are on the premises
without notice to others in building. The RCAC agreed to collect keys from contractors.
They requested that the two keys currently given out to RCAC be expanded to three keys
so that Matson, Redfield and Becker can each have a key. Other secw-ity measures for
the building were discussed: such as investigating the feasibility of having a surveillance
camera focused on the door on the first floor and the parking lot. Paul Matson will
review the current equipment to see our capacity to implement the camera. The RCAC
gave an updated timeframe for completion of the project of 1/1/16. The RCAC
members left the meeting after this discussion.

The Trustees discussed the request for additional keys, agreed to have 3 keys assigned to
the RCAC, the RCAC to be billed for the cost of the keys. Kerry will speak with the
Dispatch to have a key returned to the library that has been with them. Increases to
utility costs due to the studio will be monitored, there is a meter to be attached to the
building to track electricity use. Kerry Remington will raise the issue of reimbursement
with the new Town Manager, Margaret Nartowicz. There may be a benefit to posting
more signs in the building reminding people to shut lights when not in use.

The Secretary's Report was reviewed. Jane Alinovi moved to accept, seconded by
Shelley Mitchell. All were in favor of accepting the report.

The Director's Report was reviewed, Ruth Rovezzi moved to accept, seconded by
Shelley Mitchell. All were in favor of accepting the report.
The Children's Librarian's Report was reviewed. Ruth Rovezzi moved to accept,
seconded by Shelley Mitchell. All were in favor of accepting the report.

Kerry Remington updated the Trustees regarding the wireless internet capacity recently
brought on line. This has been very well received by patrons. Kerry will also post the
information on Facebook to market the service.

Chris Waible asked that Trustees review the policy manual of the library. The manual
was last updated in 2007. Comments will be accepted for review by the Board.

Chris Waible raised the need for a Long Range Plan for the library. The Massachusetts
Library Association provides guidance and templates for developing a Long Range Plan.
Chris will review the resources available and this will be discussed at a future meeting.

Kerry Remington will follow up with the town DPW regarding the need to power wash
the outside of the building.

The Trustees discussed the event for the conclusion of the Summer Reading Program on
July 30, 2015. The Library is hosting an ice cream event.

The Board reviewed Library expenditures.

The meeting adjourned at 8: 1 Opm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Ruth Rovezzi

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