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April 19, 2016

Board Members Present:  Joe Dell’Aquila, Chairman; Scott Landgren; Peter Craine; Shawn Moore; Eric Bigelow; Willard Cannon
Board Members Absent:  Nancy Nichols


Mark Elbag, Jr.; Jennifer Howald; Amanda Tonelli; Dick Williams; Cindy Trahan-Liptak; Karla Bigelow

Application Submissions

Request for Determination of Applicability – Matthew Pearson, 20 Paddock Road.  Hearing will be May 3, 2016 at 7:15 PM.

Notice of Intent – Elbag Brothers, Inc. Lot 2, Glenwood Road.  Hearing will be March 15, 2016 at 7:30 PM.


Motion to approve minutes – Motion made by Shawn, seconded by Willard; vote unanimous at 7:05 PM.

Determination of Applicability, Amanda Tonelli, 4 Britney Drive – Motion to sign negative Determination made by Peter, seconded by Eric; vote unanimous at 7:18 PM.

Motion to close meeting – Motion made by Shawn, seconded by Willard; vote unanimous at 7:56 PM.


Determination of Applicability, Amanda Tonelli, 4 Britney Drive
Hearing opened at 7:15 PM.  They will receive a negative determination.  They are putting in a swing set and it doesn’t meet NOI criteria.  Motion to close hearing made by Peter, seconded by Eric; vote unanimous at 7:19 PM.


Order of Conditions, Elbag Brothers, Inc., Lot 2, Glenwood Road
They have shifted the house further away from the wetlands and the house will be bigger.  Motion to accept minor modification made by Scott, seconded by Peter; vote unanimous at 7:09 PM.

Davis Farm, Cindy Trahan-Liptak
Cindy is the President of the Land Trust Conservancy.  She understands that the Conservation Commission is interested in working together on this and would like to know if the Conservation Commission would like to give $80,000.00 toward the saving of Davis Farm from the various accounts.

Joe said that if the Conservation Commission did this, the check would be written to the Land Owner and the deed would have to name Conservation Commission.  Joe also believes that that if under the Conservation Commission none of the land would or could be developed on.  Cindy believes under 61A 70% had to remain undeveloped and Joe said he isn’t sure how that would break up.  Cindy said they are having a hearing with the Board of Selectmen on Monday, April 25th.  Joe said he believes that it would not be buildable under the Conservation Commission but this would be one of many questions for an attorney.  Joe explained that we would need to receive a letter spelling out exactly what they want and need, and we would then have to have a hearing, as well as get counsel approval before the board proceeded.  After which the Board could vote on whatever it is that is needed.  Joe doesn’t want to see this end up like Skyline Drive, where there is Open Space that people are using as a dumping ground.  

Cindy said that there was a public meeting to discuss the Open Space plan and she was told all they needed was a public meeting to submit the Plan and that is what they have done.  They had the hearing and submitted the Open Space plan and are awaiting approval.

Bylaw Discussion
        Peter is still working on this and may have something the next meeting; if not then     the meeting after.

Reviewed Mail

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Wamback

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