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February 2, 2016





Board Members Present: Joe Dell’Aquila, Chairman; Scott Landgren; Peter Craine; Shawn Moore; Eric Bigelow; Willard Cannon; Nancy Nichols

Nancy had to leave at 8:05 PM; Shawn had to leave at 8:45 PM.


Dick Williams

Application Submissions



Motion to approve amended January 19, 2016 Minutes – Motion made by Shawn, seconded by Eric; vote unanimous at 7:07 PM.  

Order of Conditions, Justin Miner, 63 Turkey Hill Road – Motion to sign made by Scott, seconded by Shawn; vote unanimous at 7:10 PM. Nancy did not vote.

Motion to close meeting – Motion made by Peter, seconded by Eric; vote unanimous at 8:45 PM.




Dick Williams

Dick stopped by to let us know that the other day he saw George Lussier on Wachusett Street doing what appeared to be digging possible doing perc testing. Dick spoke to the son, Dave, and told him that the area has always failed badly on perc tests and it isn’t really buildable. Dave said he would inform his father when he came back from vacation.

Dick also wanted to let us know that the by-law subcommittee had a copy of the first by-law we did. Joe told him that is a draft as of right now, and that we appreciate him letting us know.

Lucas Environmental

We received a copy of their response to the appeal of the Superseding Order of Conditions for Brice-Lemon Estates. MEPA has approved the property for approval and they can go ahead with the permitting process. Because the DEP gave them a Superseding Order of Conditions so we don’t really have anything to do with this now, and receiving this is informational only.


Like Kind Soil By-laws

We reviewed the last draft Peter completed. This included some grammatical changes and subject changes – added wells to the receiving site, to which he will reference 21E. Peter sending to Margaret tomorrow.

Earth Alteration By-Law

We reviewed the draft Peter has completed thus far, which includes definitions, etc. Peter wanted to know what elevation we should have that would trigger a review. Scott thinks 6 feet would be a good number. Eric raised the question of how to let people know that cutting 5 feet and filling 5 feet would be an alteration of 10 feet, not 5 feet each. Joe thinks this is a good point and Peter will address this somehow. Eric asked about stabilizing, and Peter said he will be adding a section for that as well. Peter will work on this some more and will bring it to the next meeting.

Reviewed Mail

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Wamback


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