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December 1, 2009

Attendance:  Stephanie Bacon, Chair; Joe Dell’Aquila; Harry Johnson; Eric Bigelow; John Breault

Guest:   Beth Potvin
         Clealand Blair
         George Kiritsy

Application Submissions

Julian Votruba and Mark Elbag, Jr. stopped by to drop off 2 Notice of Intent’s for Lots 1 and 4, Glenwood Road.


Determination of Applicability – Motion to sign negative Determination for Mark Robertson, Pleasantdale Road, made by Harry, seconded by Eric; vote unanimous at 7:11 PM.

Emergency Certification – Motion to sign an Emergency Certification for Beth Potvin, 2 Dakota Trail, made by Joe, seconded by Eric; vote unanimous at 7:28 PM.

Approved November 17, 2009 Minutes – Motion made by John, seconded by Harry; vote unanimous at 7:36 PM.

Secretary Pay – Motion to approve and sign secretary pay made by John, seconded by Harry; vote unanimous at 7:55 PM.

Meeting adjourned – Motion made by John, seconded by Eric; vote unanimous at 8:15 PM.




Mark Robertson
        Re: Pleasantdale Road (next to Mobil)
Summary:  A site walk was completed and it was determined that the building area is completely out of the buffer zone.  A Negative Determination will be signed

Beth Potvin
        Re: 2 Dakota Trail
Summary:  House was accidentally built on someone else’s property.  21’ x 9’ needs to be removed (the court order states 21’ x 7’ but it has to be 2’ off property line).  She has only 90 days to do this per the court order she received.  She just found out that she had to come to the Conservation Commission and brought a Notice of Intent with her.  She is right on the water.  The area has already been blue flagged and she is within 20’ of the blue flags.  The shed she has will also be moved further away from the wetlands. This is an emergency and she needs something so that she can abide by the court order.  Stephanie said this qualifies as an emergency and an Emergency Certification needs to be signed.  

Clealand Blair and George Kiristy
        Re: Crossing at Bear Hill – Changing Piping
Summary:  Propose sewer force main on left side and 8’ on top.  There will be an 8’ disturbance all the way down.  They are coming out with fewer disturbances this new way.  This is the only piping.  They will be digging instead of directional drilling.  By the middle of next week they should be out of the wetlands completely.  They are epoxy coating the pump station walls so the sewage in the manholes would be prevented from leaking into the wetlands.  Stephanie spoke to Maryann DiPinto and because the change is so close to the original plans there is no need to amend the Order.

Reviewed Mail

Site Walks

Lots 1 & 4, Glenwood Road – December 4, 2009 at 3:30 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Wamback

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