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January 5, 2016

Board Members Present:  Joe Dell’Aquila, Chairman; Scott Landgren; Peter Craine; Shawn Moore
Board Members Absent:  Nancy Nichols; Eric Bigelow; Willard Cannon


Jay Finlay; Chris Dvesberg

Application Submissions

Notice of Intent – Justin Miner, 63 Turkey Hill Road.  Hearing will be January 19, 2016 at 7:15 PM.

Plans – Craig Bacon, Paddock Road – Julian Votruba stopped in and dropped off plans.  He will be submitting the Notice of Intent at a future meeting, but wanted to bring in the plans in case it snowed.


Motion to close meeting – Motion made by Peter, seconded by Shawn; vote unanimous at 8:07 PM.


Notice of Intent, Herbert & Judith Ingram, 5 & 7 Phillips Avenue
We received DEP File #277-0459. Green cards received.  Hearing opened at 7:15 PM.  Jay Finlay came in to present for the applicant. They are going to raise a house with a front porch and a deck.  They would like to realign the driveway and add a turnaround, and will also be adding a small bathroom.  Wetlands have been flagged already.  They will be replacing 2 existing cesspools and putting in a septic tank.  Approximately 1,045 sq. feet to be removed and 295.5 sq. ft. total reduction area for the whole site.  

Chris asked if the Oak tree with the pin will be staying or going, as well as other things.  On one side of the wall it will be 3 ft high and the other side will be level.  Chris wants to make sure the grading will have the runoff to go to the lake and not to his property.  He is happy to see that this is going to be addressed.  

Joe asked why the boat ramp was being removed.  Jay is not really sure.  Scott stated that once it is removed, it will be gone and no longer grandfathered.  Jay said that there is no work going on at the beach area.  Peter asked if they were going be at street level and Jay said yes he is going to be about street level.  Joe told Jay to mention they may want to consider leaving the boat ramp, because it would be a good selling point if he ever has plans of selling in the future.  It is also one of the best places in the area to access the lake if police, etc. ever needed it.  Jay will mention it to Mr. Ingram.  The Contractor would like to use waddles rather than hay bales; Joe said that would be fine.  Motion to close hearing made by Scott, seconded by Shawn; vote unanimous at 7:36 PM.


December 15, 2015 Minutes
        Tabled until next meeting on January 19, 2016.

The board reviewed all the changes, which were mostly grammatical in nature.  There will be a section added for Appeals at the bottom to cover everything.  Last thing needed is the account information from the Town Accountant.

Reviewed Mail

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Wamback

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