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Signs Section 6.0
6.0     Signs Allowable in Residential Districts
The following signs located within residential zoning districts are permitted in accordance with this section, unless otherwise modified by or provided for in Section 4.0.  The number of signs allowed in Residential Districts must comply with the provisions of Section 4.4.

6.1.1   Exempt Signs in accordance with Section 5.1

6.1.2   On-Site Directional Signs
On-Site Directional Signs not exceeding two (2) square feet identifying entrances,  exits and parking areas on properties containing multiple residential units or home offices may be permitted.

6.1.3   Additional Home Occupation/Major Home Occupation Sign
One sign in addition to that allowed by section 5.1.3 above, identifying a home occupation, major home occupation or accessory use may be permitted upon a finding by the Planning Board that the sign is in keeping with the neighborhood and does not distract from the character of the streetscape to identify the non-residential use of the property.  Such sign may not exceed eight (8) feet in height and four (4) square feet in area.

6.1.4    Permanent Farm Stand Signs
Farm stands offering produce or other products grown on properties may be allowed one sign at such property, with a permit granted by the Building Inspector, to advertise the Farm.  The sign may include permanent or changeable copy where the items available change from time to time, provided that such sign shall be located at least five (5) feet from the public way. Permanent Farm stand signs may be allowed in addition to other signs that would otherwise be permitted on the property under the provisions of this bylaw, including temporary farm stand signs.

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