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Signs Section 7.0
7.0     Process
        This section shall apply to all signs except those signs that are:
exempt under the provisions of Section 5.1, or
2)  allowed without a permit by conforming to the criteria for temporary signs set forth in section 5.2.
7.1     Permit from Building Inspector Required
7.1.1   No sign requiring a permit shall be erected, re-erected, constructed or altered, except as provided by this by-law, and after application has been made and a permit issued by the Building Inspector.
7.1.2   An application shall be deemed submitted on the day in which a complete application, as described in section 7.2 below, and associated fee has been received by the Building Inspector.
7.1.3   The Building Inspector shall issue or deny a permit  within 15 business days of the submittal date.  If the Building Inspector denies the permit the applicant may appeal to the  Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals as appropriate to the district.
7.1.4   All signs relevant to a new business or an existing business undergoing site plan approval shall be reviewed by the Planning Board as set forth in section 7.3.  

7.1.5.  If a site is not undergoing site plan approval, the following signs require review (with the conditions noted) only by the Building Inspector:
                Signs described in section 5.0.1
                        Signs described in section 6.1.6
                Signs described in section 6.1.7 (face replacement of tenant nameplate only)
                        Signs described in section 6.1.9
                Signs described in section 6.1.10
7.1.8   In the case of an appeal or site plan review the applicant shall cause four (4) copies of said application to be delivered to the Planning board for review and recommendation. The Board  shall give written notice to the applicant and shall give public notice of the meeting at which the application will be reviewed by posting a notice in accordance with M.G.L Chapter 30A §§  18-25.
7.1.9   The building inspector shall  issue a sign permit  following an approval with or without conditions granted by the Planning Board, unless otherwise specified by this by-law
7.2     Submission Requirements
                Two (2) copies of all required  documents shall be provided to the Building                     Inspector.
7.2.1   Permit Application Form;
7.2.2   Scaled drawings or sketch plan of sign, including height, width, lettering and other features, footings or other supporting features and proposed landscaping at sign, as applicable;
        7.2.3   Description, location and type of lighting, if applicable;
        7.2.4    Plot plan or scaled sketch or composite photograph including sign      location in                     relation to lot boundaries, building(s), grade elevation, streets, structures, vegetation,              walks,  parking area
        7.2.5   Proposed construction specifications;   
        7.2.6     A narrative or graphic description  responding to the review criteria specified in                    section 7.3.3;
        7.2.7   Application fee

7.3     Review by the Planning Board   
7.3.1  The Planning board shall hold a meeting, open to the public and following public                 notice in Accordance with section 7.1.8 above, to which the applicant is encouraged             to attend. The proposed sign shall be reviewed and comments shall be offered to the             applicant, who may revise his or her proposal based on conditions , modifications ,             or additional information requested for compliance with the intent of this bylaw.
The Planning board shall render comment and approval or disapproval based on compliance with this by-law within 60 days of receipt of the application as defined in section 7.1.2. The approval or disapproval deadline may be extended by mutual consent of the reviewing board and the applicant   The Planning board shall review each sign, for by-law compliance, and its compliance with Massachusetts Building Codes. In making its recommendation the appropriate board may consider but is not limited to the following:
                       -    Bulk and mass of the sign;
Design and graphics;
General location and compatibility with its surroundings;
Frequency and proximity of other streets, signs and structures, in the immediate area
-     Unanticipated circumstances in accordance with section 7.4.1.
        Approval or disapproval is not dependent upon the applicant’s following of    recommendations and will solely be based upon bylaw and Massachusetts Building  Code compliance.
7.3.3    The granting of the sign approval with or without conditions by the Planning   board   shall be part of the permit issued by the Building Inspector.
7.4 Waivers
The Planning board is given discretion to waive the requirements of this bylaw in one instance not otherwise provided for herein: unanticipated signs
7.4.1Unanticipated Signs
               Any sign that is clearly not anticipated by this by-law may be proposed for review
and approval, consistent with the intent of this by-law, by submitting an application and request for opinion to the Building Inspector. If the Building Inspector determines that the type of sign is not anticipated by this by-law, he or she shall, in accordance with the provisions herein, seek review by the Planning board. The Planning board shall consider the sign in accordance with Section 7.3 and render its findings to the Building Inspector prior to issuance of a permit.

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