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Signs Section 2.0
2.0     Definitions

Terms used in this by-law that are not defined herein, shall have meanings given in Section 2: Definitions of the Rutland Zoning By-laws or alternatively as defined by common dictionary
Billboard –A freestanding sign larger than forty (40) square feet in gross area, or a sign affixed to a building wall covering more than ten percent (10%) of the area to which it is affixed; which does not advertise a business or profession conducted, a service offered or a commodity sold upon the premises where such sign is located, and which is subject to MGL c. 93 §§29-33 and the rules and regulations of the Outdoor Advertising Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Party – Any person, persons, business or other entity who applies for or maintains a sign.

Place Name – a name or label used to identify a group of residents or businesses located together on a single property, such as an office or industrial park, or residential community, without specifically naming each resident or business; for example “Hometown Industrial Park” or “Senior Village". 
Public event – Any event that is open to the general public

Sign – Any device designed to inform, direct or attract attention of persons .  Such signs require compliance with the regulations stated herein. The following shall not constitute signs within the meaning of this by-law:

  • government flags or insignia, except when displayed in connection with a commercial promotion; 
  • on-site signs directing or guiding traffic and parking on private property ;
  • integral decorative or architectural features of buildings, except letters, trademarks, moving parts or moving lights;
  • non-permanent legal notices, informational flyers, identification or directional signs for an event posted only during the event, that are posted, erected or required by governmental bodies;
  • non-commercial messages intending to express opinions, positions, or to solicit public enjoyment, provided they are exhibited no longer than one week and do not create a public safety problem or nuisance, as determined by the building inspector or the police chief.
Sign, Abandoned – any sign as defined in this bylaw that remains in place for more than ninety (90) days following evacuation of the tenant from the site, or cessation of the related business activity, or any sign that pertains to a time, event, or purpose which no longer applies.

Sign, Alteration - Alteration shall refer to any change in size, design or location of any existing sign, or to replacement to an existing sign.  Maintenance and repair of an existing sign, such as painting or replacement of supporting elements shall not constitute alteration.

Sign, Awning – A sign created by individual letters or symbols attached or painted onto a  supporting structure that projects from and is supported by the exterior wall of a building.

Sign, Banner – A sign painted on to or attached to fabric such as cloth, canvas or plastic.

Sign, Farm Stand, Seasonal – A sign used to advertise produce or other farm related products for sale, including permanent or changeable copy where the items available change from time to time, and posted no more than six (6) months of the year.  Seasonal farm stand signs shall be exempt from permitting if the requirements of Section 5.1.7 are satisfied.

Sign, Farm Stand, Permanent – Permanent signs located on farm property may be permitted only in accordance with section 5.0.1 or with the regulations for signs otherwise allowed in the zoning district in which the property is located. 

Sign, Freestanding – A self-supporting sign not attached to any building, wall or fence, but in a fixed location, supported by poles, posts, braces or other frames on or in the ground.  Freestanding signs do not include movable, portable, mobile or trailer-type signs.

Sign, Illuminated - Any sign lit by electrical bulbs, fluorescent lights or neon tubes or other electronic devices.  Neon tubes used as abstract, graphic, decorative or architectural elements shall be considered to constitute an illuminated sign.  Christmas or other holiday lighting shall not be deemed to be “illuminated signs.”

 Sign, Measuring Height: Ground Elevation – The grade of the land shall be the average grade of the land surrounding the sign, and does not include elevated islands, mounds or walls.  Where the sign will be located on a slope, mound or wall, the height of the sign shall be measured from the average elevation of the land ten feet to each face  of the sign.

Sign, Monument - Also known as groundmounted signs.  A sign that is part of an integrated structure running from the surface grade of the ground to the sign area, having the appearance of a solid base on the ground, as opposed to being supported by independent posts or poles.  Contrast Freestanding signs.

Signs, Moveable, Portable or Mobile – A sign capable of being readily moved or relocated, including portable signs mounted on, attached to or painted on a chassis and wheels, a truck, trailer or other vehicle , or any sign supported by legs; also signs converted to A- or T-frames, balloons used as signs and umbrellas used for advertising. 

Sign, Projecting – A sign that is affixed to a building, tree, pole or other structure and which extends more than six (6) inches beyond the surface to which it is affixed.

Sign, Temporary – A sign intended to be used for a period of no more than sixty (60) days, or a sign which is displayed and removed daily.

Structure – A combination of material assembled in a fixed location to give support or shelter or for other purposes.  Structures shall include buildings, frameworks, signs, sheds, mobile homes, platforms, swimming pools, towers, billboards, flagpoles and similar objects.

Wall face - A wall face shall be defined as any length of contiguous wall, including doors and windows with a change in relief of no more than three feet, extending from corner to corner and from the eave of the roofline to the elevation of the entrance to the building. If the wall to contain the sign does not contain an entrance then the wall shall include the area to the average grade of the ground surface running along that wall.






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