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Welcome to the website for the town of Rutland, Massachusetts
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1.      A street number for each house, dwelling, business, industry or other structure shall be
           assigned by the Planning Board in accordance with the following rules.

        (a)     From the point of beginning of the street, there shall be a number on each side for
            each one-hundred feet measured along the center line of the street, odd numbers on the
            left and even numbers on the right.

        (b)     Main Street - Route 122A - extending from Holden line to route 122 shall be
            numbered beginning at  Holden line.

        (c)     Barre-Paxton Road - Route 122 extending from Paxton line to Oakham line shall
           be numbered beginning at Paxton line.

        (d)     East County Road - Route 68 extending from Holden line to Hubbardston line
            shall be numbered beginning at Holden line.

        (e)     Maple Avenue - Route 56 - Southerly portion, extending from Rutland Center to
           Paxton line shall be numbered beginning at Rutland Center (Main Street).

        (f)     Pommogussett Road - Route 56 - Northerly portion, extending from Rutland
           center to Route 68 (North Rutland) shall be numbered beginning at   Rutland Center (Main

        (g)     All other streets shall be numbered at the intersection with one of the streets above
            referred to, or at the point determined by the Planning Board, the same in general to be
            the end nearest to the Center of Rutland.

2.      Where houses, dwellings, businesses, industries, or other structures are nearer to each other than one hundred feet consecutive numbers shall be assigned from the nearest available hundred foot positions or as assigned by the Planning Board.

3.      When the street number for a house, dwelling, business, industry, or other structure is assigned, the Planning Board shall notify the owner and thereafter, the owner or occupant promptly shall cause to be affixed and to be maintained that number on or near the main entrance.

4.      The number shall be numerals made of permanent, weather-proof materials, shall be at least six (6) inches in height and shall be clearly visible from the street or roadway on which the structure fronts.  Numbers shall be black in color or of a contrasting color to the structure.

5.      Any structure that is not clearly visible from the street or roadway shall have the assigned number posted on a suitable support at the entrance to the driveway that services such structure.

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