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Dog Licenses

The Town of Rutland requires that each dog six months and older be licensed by March 31st annually.  On April 1st, the license fee increases by five dollars and on June 1st another five dollars is added to the license fee, bringing the total to $20.00.

Current rabies certificate which provides information regarding the dog, name, age, breed, color, sex, date of rabies vaccination and duration is required to obtain a license.

If you are unable to come to the office, a dog license form is mailed with the annual census.  Fill out the form and return by mail along with a current rabies certificate, together with the owner information (name, address, telephone), appropriate fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope.  The tag, license and other documentation will be returned.  Your check should be made payable to the “Town of Rutland”.  

All dogs –
January 1 – March 31
April 1 – May 31
June 1 – December 31

Town of Rutland
General By-Laws

Section  1.   All dogs owned or kept in the Town of Rutland shall be restrained from running at large by the owners of such dogs.  The penalty shall be $10.00 for each violation.

Section  2.    Dogs shall not be allowed to run at large on refuse collection day in designated garbage collection area.

Section  3.  No dogs shall be allowed on public beaches.

Section  4.  Dogs shall be kept on leashes or other physical restraint while on Town Property.

Section  5.   No Dog shall be allowed to defecate on Town property and any feces left in violation of this by law shall be removed by the owner or keeper and disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Section  6.  Owners or keepers of dogs shall be liable for violations of these or any subsequently enacted by-laws or for failure to obey an order of the dog officer and shall be subject to the following:

(a)     First offense -         warning or $10.00 fine
(b)     Second offense -                $25.00 fine
(c)     Third offense   -               $30.00 fine
(d)      Fourth or subsequent offense - $50.00 fine

Section 7.  Any person adopting a strange dog from the Town Pound of Dog Officer shall pay a fee of $30.00 to the town.

Section 8.  Any owner or keeper reclaiming a dog from the Town Pound of Dog Officer shall pay a fee for boarding of the animal of $3.00 per day for each day the dog is in custody. (amended 5/16/92)


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