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April 5,, 2017
Rutland Cable Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes – April 5, 2017

Present were: Chairman Paul Mattson, Jim Kelley, Addison Redfield and   Brenda Savoie.  Guests: Town Administrator Margaret Nartowicz and Library Director Kerry Remington

The meeting was called to order at 6:33 pm  

A moment of silence was observed in memory of our beloved friend Ray Becker.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes will be reviewed at the next meeting

Bills & Accounts

Paul reported that Margaret offered to sign off on all expenses on behalf of the Committee.

A motion to pay All American Flag for the purchase of a 3x5 flag $275; a 4x6 flag $320; and the art work $75, for a total amount of $670 (Jim/Addison) passed 4/0.
Paul presented an updated Treasurers Report. March expenses totaled $955.17. The Committee signed off on a Charter bill in the amount of $265.10.

A motion to accept the report of the Treasurer (Addison/Jim) passed 4/0.

Library Gift/Donation Account

Paul noted that he and Addison met informally with the  Library Trustees and discussed a $1,000 per month gift to the Library for use of the space. This is in addition to the direct costs for the share of the Studios expenses being paid to the Town’s General Revenue fund.  

Margaret explained that funds to offset the cost of operating the building go into the Towns General Revenue fund.  

Kerry said that she and the Trustee have sacrificed the space to allow the Studio to be built and are looking for compensation. She will likely use the potential funds to open the Library additional hours each week.

There was some discussion on offering a percentage of the CAC’s annual PEG Access payment to ensure the Committee’s budget remains solid considering fluctuations in revenue and expenses.

Jim said he has no issue with the gift fund, however believes the money should be used on items for the building, noting that the Charter Agreement prohibits any payment be utilized for rent.
Addison believes the Library should be able to spend the funds as they see fit.

Brenda pointed out that using the funds to add hours to the Library may not being sustainable due to fluctuations in the payment. Kerry said that is why she is requesting a fixed $1000 per month.

Addison moved to pay the Library Gift Account $1,000 per month and to review the amount annually upon receipt of the Charter PEG payments to the CAC. Motion was not seconded.

There was discussion on a timeline for payments.

The motion was amended to pay the Library Gift Account $1,000 per month and to review the amount annually upon receipt of the Charter PEG payments and to vote at the time of review and include terms of payment (Addison/Brenda) passed 4/0.

It was agreed that the payment will be made quarterly for 2017.

Jim advised calling it the Library Facility Fund for clarification.  

Jim moved to pay the Town for the total square footage of the Studio, including the Meeting Room space the amount of $8,631.78 for this year Jim/Addison) passed 4/0.

Studio Install

Paul is waiting for cables and will install upon arrival.

New Business

The Committee will review job descriptions for a production assistant and cameraman and discuss at the May meeting.

Jim is looking into the Committee’s Charter bill which is currently $160 per month. There is an option to upgrade for $208 per month. After some discussion, it was agreed that no changes will be made at this time.

The next meeting will be held on May 3rd. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm. All were in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brenda Savoie

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