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January 11, 2017
Rutland Cable Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2017

Present were: Chairman Paul Mattson, Jim Kelley, Addison Redfield, Brenda Savoie, and Ray Becker participating remotely.

At 6:41 p.m. Chairman Mattson called the meeting to order


Any members that are participating remotely in accordance with Regulation 940, CMR 29.10 of the Open Meeting Law

Chairman Mattson announced that Member Ray Becker is participating remotely

Meeting Minutes

Minutes will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Old Business


Addison reported that the drapes are being finished and expect to be hung next week.


Jim will research the purchase of flags for the Studio


Paul is researching the purchase of jackets and/or golf shirts that will have the CAC logo on them.  Jim felt this would distinguish the CAC members from the general public while videographing, especially in schools and at various meetings. It will add a professional touch to the process.

Bid Opening 7:00 PM

At 7:00 pm Paul opened sealed bids for Phase 2 Equipment & Installation.

Paul announced that one bid for the purchase of equipment came in and it is from the Camera Company located in Norwood, MA. All certifications and documents were properly completed and the total bid amount is $13,419.00, delivered. The only exception is that the power supply and 50 foot camera cables are not being provided as part of this bid. It was noted by the Camera Company that they should be provided by the installation company.

Paul announced that one bid for the purchase of equipment came in from Unique Media Systems located in Brookline, NH. All certifications and documents were properly completed and the total bid amount is $4,465. Paul will follow up with Unique Media on questions relative to the need for various zoom controls. In the meantime, the Committee agreed to hold off on awarding the bid until the next meeting.

Library Fund Gift Account

Paul reported that Town Counsel advised that the Committee is permitted to make a contribution to the Library Gift Account in lieu of payment for rent.
Ray pointed out that the original discussion with the Library Trustees was to have $6,000 be paid to their account, or provide items for their wish list and since the CAC is now paying $3,500 in indirect costs for use of the space, the difference should be gifted to the Library, which in this case is $2,500. After some discussion, the CAC agreed that the the available balance after indirect charges should be given to the Library.

A motion for the CAC to pay a total of $6,000 per year for the Studio Space in the form of indirect charges to the Town and to Library Gift Account; after indirect charges are paid, the remaining balance will go to the Library Gift Account (Brenda/Addison) passed 5/0.

Appoint One Person to Sign Off on Bills

Margaret suggested the CAC appoint one member to sign off on bills. Jim questioned the need to
limit it to only one person and suggested having the bills available in in Margaret’s office for any
available member to make arrangements to sign. Paul will check with Margaret and report back.
From the Floor/Other Business

Addison provided a refund check from Rexell in the amount of $433.16, from a previous credit. This will be deposited into the account. He also had a statement thatcame in from Rutland Hardware for $7.49 and will call to find out what it’s for.  

Paul mentioned that more people are needed to tackle additional projects for programming and use of the studio. He suggested hiring an individual and paying minimum wage, which iscurrently $11 per hour. This person will assist with vidographing meetings and helping to make use of the facility through programming. He will bring a job description to the next meeting.

Ray suggested scheduling a regular time slot for airing the Board of Selectmen meetings.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:01 pm. All were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Savoie

Referenced Materials
Bid documents from the Camera Company
Bid documents from Unique Media

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