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November 24, 2009
Rutland Planning Board

Present:  Dick Williams, Norman Anderson, Lester Grace, Tim Nahrwold

Staff: Steve Parker, Susan Ducharme

Excused: Stephanie King

Guests:  Addison Redfield, Roger Salonis

Meeting opened at 6:35pm

  • Review of minutes of 11/20/09:
Minutes approved with corrections. Moved: Dick, Tim, all in favor.

  • Invoices:
     Susan Ducharme            Payroll for November, 2009              $259.86
     Dick moved to approve, Lester 2nd, all in favor.

  • Reports on Brintnal Estates and Bear Hill:
     An email (11/19/09) was sent to Mr. Blair requesting the above report.  Tim spoke with Kevin McCarthy. Bridge plans have been submitted to the state.  Gary Kellaher (DPW) will bring plans to Boston.  Dick believes the project should have come to a halt until the plans were received.  Because this is the first bridge to be constructed in Rutland, the Board questioned whether the state had a review requirement process once the Board accepts a road (should it go to the state first for review of plans in order to be eligible for a town road acceptance before DPW can get funds)?   
      Discussion ensued to include:
  • Bridge design vs. bridge support (if developer builds a bridge with no engineering review is this at the developer’s own risk)?   Bridge needs to be included in the bonding.
  • Steve will speak with Gary Kellaher tomorrow.  He will also follow-up with State Highway.
  • Bond amount is needed by Cullinan Engineering (Arch is the wrong thing) and Cullinan should also find an engineer to sub bridge.  Steve will speak with Dennis Rice about this and will ask him to forward most recent inspections to the Planning Board.     
  • Roger Salonis/Special permit consideration for 2 Estate lots on East County Road, Route 68:
Public hearing needs to be set up for special permit consideration of 2 estate lots (Lots 10 and 9).  Plan was reviewed.  Mr. Salonis has Homeowners Agreement on both lots.  Public hearing: 12/22 at 6:45pm.
Check for $1,000.00 (#4257) was received.

  •   Cameron Drive Street Acceptance:
  A letter to Selectmen was referenced.  Next Monday Selectmen will be discussing “laying out the ways”.  The only thing left is walking trails and the final revised copy of the as built plans. Dick stated that the original Conservation Restriction is missing which he thought was brought back in by Julian Votruba.  
   Steve will see Jackie tomorrow about this.  This must be done before the town can accept the road. The Conservation Restrictions are also needed on Central Tree and Fieldstone.  

  •   Pleasantdale Drains/Headwalls/Line of Sight:
        Bill Richards of Cullinan Engineering called Chairman, Norman Anderson.  Headwalls were put in by Mr. Kauppila.  There are no design plans or record of inspections on how they were built (a good part of the road drainage pipe were not cemented at 360 degrees).  He suggested camering them.  He will send
        a report to include the drains to the Planning Board.  Steve will draft a letter.  It was
         also noted that banking on Pleasantdale Road will need to be removed for line of sight.

  • New computer for the Planning Board:
  Quote amount: $783.11.  Selectmen will pay $459.62 and are asking the Planning Board make up the difference ($323.49).   Tim will look into obtaining information pertaining to more “up to date” computer choices.
  •  Subdivision Regulation Review by Quinn Engineering:
Quinn’s comments to the work that has already been done to the Subdivision Rules and Regulations will take place on December 22, 2009 at 7:00pm.

9.  Discussion on Informational Meeting on Town Center District proposal on         
      November 5, 2009.
     Meeting went very well.  Chairman stated that a lot of positive comments/ideas which the Board has taken very seriously were obtained.  The By-Law Subcommittee has had two meeting since and are looking to change some things (is a thought Rutland Heights possibly becoming TC1, TC2 Phasing).  The committee plans to take a look at detailed map depths.  What it would be at depths of 500 feet, 400 feet, 300 feet.  
      Dick would like to see the Planning Board work on “wind turbine” at some point in the future.  Perhaps this could become a combined by-law, i.e. “Energy Efficient By-law

  • Snowplowing of Town Roads:
     Chairman received a call from Donna Salls (DPW) inquiring if builders are responsible for snowplowing roads before they are accepted by the town.  Dick stated that this is a condition of approval.  Gary Kellaher (DPW) would like to include this in the language to all builders.  They must do this or the town will bill them for a fee if the town need to snowplow before the roads are accepted.  Steve will speak with Gary tomorrow.  This should be added as a reference in the Subdivision Rules and Regulations.  
  • Emails received:
  • Mr. Brad Stern, Appraiser regarding town roads, private vs. public.  Steve will respond to email.
  • Marilyn Sidoti (Attendee at Informational Meeting held on November 5, 2009
       stating that she would like to attend the Planning Board By-law Sub-committee

    There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                Susan R. Ducharme


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