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January 26, 2016 Public Hearing

Rutland Planning Board
Public Hearing for Special permit TC District
One Retail Space and 2 units
Maple Ave/Highland Park
January 26, 2016

Present: Norman Anderson, Dick Williams, Marilyn Sidoti, Tim Nahrwold, Addison Redfield, Eric Smith, Planner

Guests:  Refer to file

Hearing opened at 7:00pm

Chairman Anderson read the legal ad and explained the public hearing process to all present.

Julian Votruba, representing Mr. Soucy, presented plan:
  • 3 existing buildings
  • Mr. Soucy is proposing to add 2 more 2 story (same style type buildings)
  • Existing stockade fencing
  • 30x60 (building dimension) set back from road
  • Meets all zoning
  • Catch basin is in
  • DPW, Fire Chief, Police all have no issues
  • 1800 square feet commercial space (may be realty office for Jim and his wife)
  • 2 dwelling units on the 2nd floor
  • TC -2 zoning was referenced
Public comments:
Elaine Simes: Stressed the need for “no parking signs” on Maple and Highland Park.  She is very concerned with congestion as Highland Park is not wide enough and is very concerned about the safety issue for the children, buses and parking.  
Chairman stated that this would need to be brought up to the Selectmen and Mr. Gary Kellaher, DPW, as the Board could only suggest but could not require this.  Board members agreed.
When asked if there would be a fence put in Mr. Soucy responded that  there will be an 8 foot fence put in right near her yard.
Mr. Eric Smith asked if it would be possible to increase the buffer in the back.  
Chairman also explained to Mrs. Simes that the TC 1 and 2 zoning was changed in 2010.  What was once a requirement  is no longer one.

Other abutter concerns:
  • The plan presented two year ago showed that the first 2 buildings on the plan were 8 units each.
       Mr. Soucy stated that he scratched that plan.  This is a new plan.   Surface now will be all grass.
  • Water comes out of parents’  house.  There is a pipe there right now.  All is tied in per Julian.  
  • Will this be a 2 story building?  Response: Yes
  • Lighting around the building - Mr. Votruba stated the lights will be just in the first driveway and will shoot down.
  • Concerned with 12 parking spots being very tight and insufficient.  Mr. Soucy stated that he is just in the planning stages right now.  Project has gone from 16 units to 12 parking spaces.
  • What will be down for shrubbery?   Mr. Soucy stated shrubs will be planted around the property.
  • Restrictions (P25) Zoning referenced – Special permits will be required for extra parking, etc.
  • Time frame to completion: 2 to 3 years or more away
  • Resident stated that he is not against progress but asked why the entrance and exit have to come from Highland Park Road.   Residents do not want to see a lot of public traffic on the street as there is not a lot of room and they are concerned with traffic jams especially in the winter.  His biggest concern is access to Highland Park Road
Mr. Nahrwold questioned if Jim could eliminate 4 parking spots at that part of the building to help widen the area.    Discussion ensued about possibly rotating the building 90 degrees allowing for parking on both sides.   Chairman would like to see Mr. Votruba try  this.  Julian is in agreement. Parking on the side would eliminate going to Highland Park Road.   

Addison moved to continue the hearing to 2/23/16 at 7:00pm.

                                                Respectfully submitted,
                                                Susan R. Ducharme
                                                Susan Duchame


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