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Electrical Inspector Fees
Town of Rutland
Inspection of Wires
Electrical Fees – January 5, 2016

New Construction

New Single Family Dwelling: 100 or 200 amp service    (4 inspections)   $170.00
New Two-Family Dwelling: 100 or 200 amp service 200.00
Multi-Family Dwelling Service per amp   1.00
Each dwelling unit inspection   100.00

Plus service at $75.00 per meter

Note: For any additional fees, please call the Building Department at 508-886-4118

Residential Service Changes

Single Family Dwelling: 200 amp or less $50.00
Two-Family Dwelling: 200 amp or less    75.00
Multi-Family Dwelling Service per amp   1.00

Additional Fees for Existing Dwelling Wiring

Well Pumping & Trench Inspection     (2 inspections)    $50.00
Septic System, Ejector Pump & Controls  25.00
Whirlpool Spas & Hot Tubs or Major Appliances   30.00
Emergency Generator Systems     50.00
Sub Panels: 100 amp or less     30.00
Security Alarm & Fire Alarm Systems     40.00
Oil & Gas Burner Wiring 50.00
Remodeling Kitchen and/or Bath     (2 inspections each) 100.00
Re-Wire Old house     (2 inspections)   100.00
Alterations and repairs         50.00
Garages, Basements, Attics, Additions & Barns     (2 inspections)       100.00

For any questions regarding codes and/or fees, please call 508-326-4094
Checks payable to Town of Rutland
Lester J. Grace, Jr., Electrical Inspector
Kenneth Glynn, Alternate Inspector

Whole House Air Conditioning Systems    $45.00
Computer Network Wiring 30.00
Speaker & Communication Wiring  30.00
Swimming Pools (above ground)   40.00
Swimming Pools (in ground)      50.00
Temporary Service: 100 amp or less      50.00
Air Conditioning Compressor & Heat Pumps        40.00
Yearly Industrial Safety Inspection     100.00
Re-inspection for code violation or incomplete work     35.00


Outlets (including switches, receptacles & fixtures)     First five (5) $75.00
                                                                                               Each Additional 1.00
Equipment Wiring (including motors)                              First unit (1) 75.00
                                                                                               Each additional 35.00
Transformer, Pumps, Signs, Air Conditioners, Elevators, Similar equipment       75.00
                                                                                                Each additional        25.00
Coin-Operated Games                                                          First two (2)      75.00
                                                                                                 Each additional       25.00
Low Voltage Wiring (per outlet or device)                        Fist five (5)  75.00
                                                                                                 Each additional       1.00
Temporary Service       100.00
Main Switch (per amp)   1.00
Sub Panel (per amp)     1.00
Parking Lot Lighting (per pole) 25.00
Temporary Show Permit   100.00
Annual Maintenance Permit       300.00
Minimum Inspection Fee (per each inspection)    50.00

Solar Fees for Commercial Projects – Call the Building Department     

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