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January 4, 2016
Monday, January 4, 2016
Rutland Public Library
6:00 pm

6:01pm   Mr. Clark called the meeting to order.  Filmed by cable on Channel 191.

Present:  Skip Clark, Wayne Walker, Sheila Dibb,
Others:  Margaret Nartowicz, Town Administrator and Abby Benoit, Administrative Secretary
Absent: Michael Pantos and Stephanie Bacon

Ms. Dibb made a motion to sign Warrant #14 and Payroll.  Mr. Walker 2nd the motion.  Vote unanimous.

Ms. Dibb made motion to accept the minutes of November 23, 2015, Mr. Walker 2nd the motion.
Vote unanimous.



Richard Williams introduced himself to discuss concerns with the dam maintenance at the Heights property.  Historically, there have been boards installed to fill the dam water level to proper heights.  Mr. Williams asked the DCR office if the dam is maintained by the town or by DCR.  The DCR office confirmed that there are a total of 17 dams in Rutland.  The dam is state owned and not town owned.  The list of the 17 dams was provided to DPW Superintendent, Gary Kellaher.

Mr. Williams also asked about the recent water leak on Main Street.  Mr. Kellaher confirmed that the leak has been investigated.  It was undetectable as the water went into storm drains and is in the process of being repaired.  There was no pressure reduction reported by the town or residents.

DPW: Gary Kellaher, Superintendent
  • There is an existing Winter Storm Operations Manual that was reviewed and approved by the Board in 2008/2009.  The policy is not currently available online.  The existing manual will be reviewed by Ms. Nartowicz and Mr. Kellaher with intent to make available for viewing online after updates and Board approval.
  • The DPW is currently understaffed.  This past storm, December 31, 2015, all employees were diligently working to keep the roadways and town buildings safely accessible.  Mr. Kellaher reports that all equipment held up in the last storm and the new truck is working great.  There was a discussion regarding seasonal staffing and if there is a need to add seasonal staff during the winter months.  On average there are 17-23 storms per season.  With budget reductions the overtime budget has also been reduced.
  • Debris in the roadway is an ongoing problem.  Mr. Kellaher will begin ticketing for ice, snow and shade tree debris that is left in the road way.
  • There is parking ban in place November 1st through April 1st, police will tow vehicles that are left on the roadway.  The Board recommends that police patrol prior to storms for any illegally parked cars.
  • There are emergency repairs needed for the Glenwood School roof.  Mr. Kellaher is in the process of publishing the bid request for emergency and long term repairs.  There is a new IFB that was given to the board.  
  • Steven Cannell has been reinstated as a water operator for calendar year 2016.  There is currently an internal posting and there will be an external posting to fill a full time water operator position.
  • Mr. Kellaher confirmed that the cost for “No Parking” signs is $12.83 per sign, not including post or installation.  There would be a need for 12-20 signs for the Glenwood School drive.  The Board is concerned for safety and emergency vehicle access when cars are parked in both directions on the drive for Glenwood.  There is only one access to the school building.  Ms. Dibbs discussed that parking is only an issue a few times per year and the lower back parking lots are underutilized.  Ms. Nartowicz will follow up with the Police Chief regarding police details for these dates.  
TOWN ADMINISTRATOR: Margaret Nartowicz
  • The FY17 budget has been drafted and there are preliminary FY17 revenue projections, with a few exceptions including state aid.  New growth was higher than expected. The Governor’s budget should be available mid-January.  Department fees schedules are being reviewed but will have minimal impact on estimated local receipts.   It is unknown if there are any new revenues to be expected from the Heights project.  
  • Ms. Nartowicz will follow up with the DOR to confirm that local business’ were notified about charging meals tax starting 2016.
  • Mr. Kellaher asked, if DPW is called by Public Safety should labor costs be charged to the Public Safety.  The Board recommend that if DPW is called for a town building, the appropriate department be charged for building maintenance.  Ms. Nartowicz and Mr. Kelleher will review with Town Treasurer.
  • School and Town Administrators met to discuss the Wachusett Regional School District Strategic Plan.  The school is working with a consultant to establish a long term strategic plan for sustainability of the school system.  There will be a meeting scheduled with Rutland and the consultant.
Ms. Dibb made motion to accept resignation of Alternate Gas Inspector, Thomas Monfreda, 2nd by Mr. Walker.  Vote unanimous.

Ms. Dibb made motion to appoint Barbara Quiry to Council on Aging, 2nd by Mr. Walker.  Vote unanimous.

The Town will post an ad internally for an open position for the Parking Clerk.


Use of Legal Counsel Policy & Procedures

Ms. Dibb made motion to accept the policy and procedure for Use of Legal Counsel, 2nd by Mr. Walker.  Vote unanimous.

Wachusett Regional School District Lease
  • Ms. Nartowicz would like to invite the school district to come to an upcoming board meeting to answer any final questions of the Board regarding the school lease.  
  • There will be a special meeting scheduled to discuss recreation use at the top of the Heights property and abutting town property.
  • There is a tentative start date for shared IT Director to start on January 19, 2016.  
  • There is a tentative start date for the Shared Planner beginning the week of January 11, 2016.

Ms. Dibb made motion to adjourn, 2nd by Mr. Walker.  Vote unanimous.  Meeting Adjourned at 6:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Abby Benoit
Administrative Secretary
Board of Selectman
Approved 1/19/2016

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